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11/1/1973 - The Afghan-American Educational Commission by Louis Dupree

SOUTH ASIA SERIES Vol XVlI1 No Afghanistan THE AFGHAN AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL COMMISSION Ten Years Binational Cooperation Louis Dupree November1973 One imaginative international activities embarked United States after World War XI educational exchange Initiated Act Congress August program commonly known Fulbright Program after Senator J William Fulbright Arkansas sponsored Among other things amended Surplus Property Act designate Department State disposal agency surplus property outside United States territories posses sions Income surplus property currency purchasing country number including support American scholars grants foreign study research In observance program first years operation Department State issued activities provided grants scholars between about thirds foreigners third Americans Initially program overseas funds available elsewhere support foreign scholars coming United States The filled nongovernmental stitutions Many universities Carnegie Corpo ration Rockefeller Foundation joined funding program months In Con gress passed United States Information Educational Exchange Act thereby committing American taxpayer support scholarly exchange programs Since United States entered agreements countries exchange established scholars aspiring students Some teach undertake research After years program experience legislation brought The Mutual Edu cational Cultural Exchange Act September signed Pres ident John F Kennedy Among other things brought being present binational pattern operation Of nations which United States scholarly exchange function binational commission The Act often referred Fulbright Hays Act again Senator Fulbright sponsored Senate Representative Wayne L Hays Ohio sponsor House The program administered Department State Office Assistant Secretary State Educational Cultural Affairs The Office Near Eastern South Asian Programs NEA which under Bureau Educational Cultural Affairs CU directly administers Afghanistan The Fulbright Hays Act established presidentially appointed Board Foreign Scholarships BFS advise policy Although BFS tended reflect biases personal friendships incumbent presidents creating atmosphere independence various binational commissions cannot underestimated So AFAMEC encountered slightest interference CU NEA CU NEA oversees activities following binational commissions Cyprus Greece Turkey Israel Nepal Ceylon India Iran Afghan istan The Commission Pakistan ceased opera tions during period frosty United States Pakistan relations following Kashmir War reconstituted July Copyright O American Universities Field Staff Inc LD In Afghanistan Commission Educational Exchange between United States Afghan istan CEEUSA formally constituted August His Excellency Ali Ahmad Popal Minister Education Ambassador Pakistan John Milton Steeves American Am bassador signed Executive Agreement CEEUSA became Afghan American Educa tional Commission AFAMEC June I shall refer AFAMEC throughout Report In prior Agreement Ful bright Hays grants administered Kabul Cultural Affairs Office United States Information Service USIS United States Embassy Since joint Afghan American Board Directors responsible direction AFAMEC programs An American Executive Director staff currently American three Afghans hired Board Directors handle administration As required Act Board Directors first consisted Afghans appointed Afghan government Americans appointed American Ambassador serves Honorary Chair though participate selection processes The Chairman Board Directors appointed American Ambassador Afghan members drawn Ministries Foreign Affairs Information Culture Education The Americans exception Glen Bowersox Joel Scarborough former current Asia Foundation Representatives Afghanistan official American community Embassy USAID USIS See Chart I administrative structure binational commissions In Board Directors expanded nationality The first Executive Director Commission Afghanistan Theodore Gouchenour studying Pashto Kabul University Gouchenour served until summer returned United States continue studies The Executive Directors former Peace Corps Volunteers Afghanis John Bore1 Gordon Hansen John Villaume Thomas Gouttierre present All speak Dari Afghan version Farsi Persian As dicted Peace Corps helped stimulate interest possibilities study foreign areas Although interest developed United States appears moving relatively isolationist Peace Corps Afghanistan contributed experience personnel several institutions inter Peace Corps administrative training staff CARE MEDICO USAID teachers American International School Kabul AISK educational exchange program Thomas Gouttierre present AFAMEC Executive Director point Born Maumee Ohio worked family business Gouttierre Pastry Shop proud Master Baker Certificate M A Islamic Studies Persian Arabic Languages Literature Indiana University After finishing B A History Foreign Languages Bowling Green State University completing years graduate study Ancient History Mr Gouttierre Marylu volunteered Peace Corps Tom taught English Afghan schools February February Marylu taught Busi Education various istries schools Tom coached basketball ultimately becoming coach Afghan National Team Returning United States helped train Peace Corps Vol unteers Afghanistan Center Research Education Estes Park Colorado June September After master degree Fulbright Hays research fellowship permitted continue Persian until December In April after short United States Mr Gouttierre master baker Master Arts master basketballer master Dari Executive Director AFAMEC activities The responsibilities AFAMEC expanded after signing Executive Agreement about outside normal administering Fulbright Hays grants In order maximum grant benefits official programs Department State insists binational commission spend budget administra AFAMEC maintains about level The major programs administered AFAMEC Afghan American Fulbright Hays Grants CHART I ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE OF BINATIONAL COMMISSIONS Simplified Department State Bureau Foreign Scholarships I Assistant Secretary State Watchdog advisory Bureau Educational Cultural Affairs CU committee appointed President I Office Near Eastern South Asian Programs CU NEA I AFAMEC Administrative Office Board Directors AFAMEC Afghans appointed Afghan government Americans appointed US Ambassador Present Binational Commission Afghanistan Theodore Eliot Jr United States Ambassador Republic Afghanistan Hon orary Chairman Ghulam Hayrat Koshan Director Foreign Relations Ministry Education Mohammad Yunus Iskanderzadah General Director Cultural Relations Ministry Education Hamid Hosaini Desk Officer Cultural Re lations Ministry Foreign Affairs jointly Ahmad Sayyid Mujadidi Desk Officer Scholarships Cultural Relations Section Ministry Foreign Affairs Aneesah Azamy General Director Cultural Relations Kabul University Mohammad Nabi Salihi President Economic Technical Assistance Department Ministry Planning Joel Scarborough Representative Asia Foundation Afghanistan Robert Landry Training Officer USAID Afghanistan Grace E Langley Chief Population Division USAID Afghanistan Anthony R Lanza Chief Education Division USAID Afghanistan Ray Peppers Cultural Affairs Officer United States Embassy Chairman Board begun East West Center University Hawaii grants Afghan American grantees under American Field Service school scholarships program institutional projects International Educational Devel opment Program IEDP Short Term Ameri Grantees STAG student testing counseling AFAMEC Affiliated Scholars 1971h4 Fulbright Hays Grants Chart illustrates gradual growth Afghan grantees rapid Cold War lessened Viet War increased current Apparently Congress still maintains interest intangible educational programs Ful bright Hays Grants Peace Corps CHART FULBRIGHT HAY S PROGRAM GRANTS G BN refers grant usually M A candidates D BN refers travel usually PhD candidates partial scholarships private resources technical assistance unless relates population ecological control It conceivable American legislators increasing number educators technocrats realize paramount importance establishing tudinal which receptive techno logical changes The failure aspect weight resulted nished effectiveness foreign assistance programs developed nations years The fields Afghans entered Chart interesting minus renewals Education teachers administrators mainly administrators English including TEFL Teaching English Foreign Language Medicine Pharmacology Economics Business Administration Civil Engineer Communications Media including Jour nalism TV Radio International Relations History Agriculture Anthropology Architecture Linguistics Mathematics Political Science Public Administration Zoology Animal Husbandry Bio Chemistry Biology English Literature Liberal Arts Mineral Theater Arts CHART DEGREES GRANTED TO AFGHAN FULBRIGHT HAYS SCHOLARS PhD Master Fine Arts Political Science Linguistics Master Business Administration M S B S Civil Engineer Architectual Engineering Pathology Electrical Engineering Plant Breeding Agricultural Engineering Diplomas Civil Engineering M A Note listed above Educational Administration awarded after since Science Education about grantees Linguistics successfully completed Elementary Education M A degree Journalism TOEFL Public Administration As Chart indicates there renewals other grantees received fellowships scholar ships other organizations after termination Fulbright Hays grants Some private sources permitted continue their studies United States immigration authorities Institutions organizations picking grantees included Institute International Education private sources USAID Asia Founda University North Carolina St Louis University San Jose State College Colorado State University Foundation International Child Health The overall returnee remarkably average Of grantees turned obtained advanced grees diplomas civil engineering Chart indicates which fields degrees awarded Twenty degrees awarded after AFAMEC estimates M A completion those grantees rently United States Fifty returnees compatible their training earned advanced degrees advanced degrees The figures indicate higher degree likely grantee receive field The Republic seriously trying place people proper niches administrative reforms implemented promptly bring renaissance development activity without extensive foreign Between Afghan women ceived Fulbright Hays grants Education History Economics Journalism Zoology Liberal Arts Of seven currently compatible their training unaccounted three still United States advanced programs The Fulbright Hays program steadily gained popularity among Afghan educational institutions In students qualifying written exams American Lingusitic Institute Georgetown University ALIGU English Commission newly developed Dari guage AFAMEC Aptitude Achieve Exam AAE Thirty scored enough merit interviews The interviewed groups three AFAMEC could judge their relative knowledge their chosen fields observe candidates group activity Members Commission augmented fessionals chosen fields candidates grilled aspirants minutes English AFAMEC finally selected principal candi dates alternates Of applied grants selected Of applicants grants AFAMEC chose principals alternates As number applicants continues increase AFAMEC foresees staff pansion Educational institutions Appendix A least states District Columbia accepted Afghan Fulbright Hays grantees Ameri recipients Fulbright Hays grants listed Appendix B noted selection scholars usually influenced strengthen certain university faculties Afghanistan From program helped establish being Department Journalism Faculty Letters Human ities Kabul University The journalists trained there worked official government organs The Department Architecture Faculty Engineering benefited substantially having assisted since Afghanistan unique being country which Fulbright Hays program guaranteed annual appointment American instructor school architecture In January partment graduated first students A succession Fulbright scholars assisted various departments Ningrahar Medical College inception until project ground because political fighting between Kabul University Medical College Jalalabad The student strike months strengthening faculties However resilience American visiting scholars gratifying Dr Charles L Seidel Lecturer Physiology found himself without students Ningrahar Medical College permission AFAMEC moved Kabul taught physiology Ibn Seena Hospital Public Health Hospit He taught courses family planning Afghan nurses Peace Corps Training Center In addition piled English Dari Pashto dictionary basic physiological terms Another grantee Stanley I Hallet Lecturer Architecture Kabul University helped organize joint faculty student Research Unit which functioned throughout strike Mr Hallet adroitly extracted funds several sources support Research Unit activities salaries participants He obtained contribu tions AFAMEC USAID Asia Foundation several Afghan architectural contractors builders One project tackled Research Unit provided architectural model restore serve Chahr Chatta Bazaar fabulous covered bazaar Old City Kabul partly destroyed British toward First Anglo Afghan War retali ation destruction British force occupying Kabul The Chahr Chatta project volved student faculty hours afghanis salaries materials about exchange afghanis Whether anything implement tourist oriented project remains future Mr Hallet Judy professional filmmaker produced documentary about painted lorries Afghanistan their drivers A presented Afghan Tourist Organiza regularly shown groups staying Intercontinental Hotel Another program reaching ramifi cations initiated appointment W Lawrence Church Research Scholar Law Affiliated Supreme Court Faculty Law Political Science Kabul University Mr Church concentrated Supreme Court student strike without students He lectured analysis Judicial Training Institute which first years graduated judges provincial courts At Mr Church acted adviser editor Supreme Court journal which until July published summaries cases prece dents drawing worldwide sources material At University Mr Church advised revision integration curricula Faculties Islamic Law Law Political Science Mr John Huffer successor Mr Church continues function within framework Republic everyone awaits announcing constitution In addition Fulbright Hays Lecturer Law International Legal Center ILC Fellows associated AFAMEC research scholars advisors Ministry Justice Faculty Islamic Law Mr Gerald Williams ILC Fellow June replaced Mr Robert Hager Mr Williams introduced Mr Church Afghan colleagues close rapport developed between Fulbr Hays grantees ILC Fellows The adaptability American Fulbright Hays grantees their willingness spend hours beyond routine assist Afghans become legendary Occasional criticisms viduals overall success program Senator Fulbright brainchild successful Afghanistan Afghan American point East West Center Grants From Afghans undergraduates received fellowships East West Center University Hawaii A breakdown communications began understandable light distances involved tragic those Afghan students rejected because bureaucratic ineptitude For example Afghans qualifying exams grants qualified interviews AFAMEC recommended received scholarship EWC rejected grade averages situation explained EWC sever times passing grade Kabul University instructors invariably grades Top graduates seldom average about equivalent A EWC rejected another candidate because according EWC TEFL score received although Educational Testing Service assured AFAMEC score forwarded EWC rejected fourth candi because failed submit passable depart mental neither AFAMEC individual involved informed grade necessary All rejections explanations reconsideration young their chance On whole however EWC program marked success AFAMEC affirms qualified students Hawaii where their record excellent Of undergraduates including three women EWC awarded their degrees None failed others continue their degrees Of immediately awarded graduate scholarships Hawaii elsewhere already M A The undergraduate degrees awarded following fields Agronomy Agriculture Political Science Civil Engineering Physics Mathematics Education English Anthropology Mechanical Engineering Economics The witnessed energetic revival AFAMEC EWC interactions largely because amiable direct contacts resulting meeting July Kabul between AFAMEC Executive Director Jack Durham Admissions Officer EWC Four Afghans awarded scholarships toward M A Political Science Agricultural Economics Civil Engineering others received nondegree fellowships partly financed Asia Foundation Future emphasis focus M A candidates American Field Service International Scholarships The American Field Service exchange school students desire World War I veterans voluntary ambulance corps called AFS perpetuate memory their comrades killed action Student exchanges originally limited Europe after World War I1 program extended include Asian African countries AFAMEC helps select Afghan students gives logistical support American students Kabul The national representative Kabul since Mr Karim Ali whose salary AFS office New York Annually eight unpaid Afghan volunteers recently returned AFS recipients assist Mr Ali About fifths Afghan candidates program residents Kabul school students tested provincial centers The successful candidates attend academic school United States while living carefully selected American families unteered hosts In reciprocal program American school students Afghanistan Afghan families during months July August From Afghans received AFS scholarship since American school students received grants Successful Afghan American candidates receive intensive crosscultural orientation The Americans receive hours intensive Dari language train courtesy AFAMEC cooperation Peace Corps Training Center Kabul Girls always outnumbered among American recipients girls The difficulty Afghan homes which would accept students residents In spite relatively rapid emancipation women Kabul since Afghan males those educated West hesitate permit nonrelated males reside their homes Sometimes Afghan women themselves brought lifetime purdah object Nonrelated women however cause problem Most urban Afghan parents their daughters corrupted permissive Western atmos phere Afghan recipients girls genuine breakthrough The originally approved under monarchy later approved under Republic after July another indication Daoud ernment wants maintain taraji without sides nonaligned policies field educational exchanges Few Afghan AFS students large cities Both AFAMEC AFS request priority given American families living between Alle ghenies Rockies The large cities resented Oakland San Diego Kansas City Missouri Detroit Madison Pittsburgh More usual places Wilson North Carolina Janesville Wisconsin Willits California Limon Colorado Tiarouium Maryland Towanda New York Clifton Arizona darling Saturday afternoon TV football announce Slippery Rock Pennsylvania Of Afghan AFS recipients between attend attended Ameri universities attended other foreign insti tutions three West Germany India Australia New Zealand Austria England U S S R attended American Uni versity Beirut another The AUB scholars studied following departments English Agriculture Public Administra Education Business Administration Political Science Most Afghan AFS recipients upper upper middle class origins Fifty attending various faculties Kabul University three prestigious politically active faculties Engineering Medicine Law Political Science Agriculture Education Ningrahar Medical College Jalalabad Economics Science Letters Humanities Significantly attend conserva Faculty Islamic Law Russian sponsored Polytechnic Insti Information about Afghan AFS scholars indicates working USIS American Center Library Afghan Tourist Organization Hotel Interconti nental USAID administration Construction De partment Supreme Court Ministries Interior Mines Industries Planning Note majority directly related their facility English A major change grantee patterns began Afghan candidates completed school The previous policy selecting tenth eleventh grade students disrupted their studies students found difficult readjust Afghan schools their return The AFS program Fulbright Hays fellowships continues elicit favorable responses Afghan educational scene number applicants increases annually Institutional Projects An important aspect AF AMEC panded activities incorporation American university projects which permit overseas study credit So universities assisted Lewis Clark University University Pittsburgh Twenty students males females Lewis Clark arrived Kabul March IFAMEC request Lewis Clark recruited Afghan Project Coordinators female holding M A Indiana University Lewis Clark which their salaries Initially students lived month selected Afghan families later moved hotel where classes Afghan studies The students studied Dari three hours groups AFAMEC received remuneration siderable services Lewis Clark group during months Afghanistan Not AFAMEC arrange accommodations orientation academic contacts customs clearances necessary visas monumental itself facilities drinking water USAID staff itself available consultation advice throughout entire period Future institutional projects should prepared services rendered proved inval uable timesaving Lewis Clark vately sponsored program government sponsored University Pittsburgh Projects Afghanistan I Afghanistan I arrived Kabul April remained until June Although university based Project Afghanistan sponsored financed United States Department State Similar undertaken India Nepal Pakistan The Office International Studies Uni versity Pittsburgh signed contract CU NEA Pitt selected participants seven women Like group Lewis Clark stayed Hotel Metropol center Kabul which tains relatively standards cleanliness sanitation consumption alcohol drugs inside hotel Each student Project Afghanistan I undertook specific study project AFAMEC offered advice students available human library resources I3 The success Project Afghanistan I Proj Afghanistan several AFAMEC sugges tions improvement implemented Six women University Pittsburgh Afghanistan April first August living entire period Afghan families One member Afghanistan Earnest James Whitley ketballer Afghanistan I served project ordinator policy followed successive groups order continuity project The study programs Afghanistan I1 organized closely around activities families individuals resided instead library emphasized Afghanistan I One participant worked leather goods another health facilities survey another Project Afghanistan I1 participants received hours Kabuli Dari taught Peace Corps Afghanistan language training staff AFAMEC which rendered usual administrative consultative logistical services The Director Office International Student Affairs University Pittsburgh George O Bannon visited Kabul associa Tom Gouttierre plans bring Afghan exchange students Pitt Each Afghan students Kabul University selected AFAMEC Selection Committee spend three months Pittsburgh Candidates three juniors Kabul University faculties total eligibles Facility English required which opens possibility American experience Afghan university students regardless langu capability During winter vacation before beginning their senior Kabul University Afghan recipients American families Pittsburgh They study inten English University In addition Afghan students indoctrinate their American counterparts chosen Project Afghanistan I11 subsequent projects AFAMEC hopes imaginative Project Afghan istan successfully launched become stitutionalized LD A second institutional program involves exchange faculty lecturers research scholars between University Nebraska Omaha University Arizona Faculty Letters Humanities Kabul Univer This Professor Gordon Schilz geographer Nebraska spending batical Kabul University AFAMEC funded travel housing utilities insurance books research incidentals Abdur Rahman Sadid Kabul University geography departmen assistant Nebraska working toward M A AFAMEC travel grant Ghulam Safdar Panjsheri Department Pashto Philosophy received travel grant Ful bright Hays Visiting Lecturer Islamic Culture Dari University Nebraska Omaha which salary contribution change Ghulam Jailini Arez first Arizona fully supported Fulbright Hays Visit Lecturer Research Scholar Geography awarded scholarship complete PhD Also arrangements Arez Nebraska participate periodic seminars while United States Ms Senzel Nawid former Fulbright Hays recip awarded grant covering travel equipment books lecture Arizona modern Afghan Iranian history Arizona salary Both Arizona Nebraska strong Asian studies programs leading specialists Afghan studies In additi Afghan Studies Center established landlocked Nebraska appropriate landlocked Afghanistan sponse plans engendered Afghan Studies Association chaired Richard S NewelllG Association Asian Studies headquarters University Michigan AFAMEC hopes support found exchange between Faculty Humanities Letters Kabul University University Arizona possibly other American univer sities International Educational Development Program IEDP Short Term American Grantees STAG These short programs begun considerable success because viduals receiving awards highly qualified highly motivated Under IEDP Health Education Welfare program Afghan teachers English actually provinces United States participated service training refresher courses seven months enough short enough rekindle maintain their enthusiasm their Two other teachers woman received IEDP fellowships awarded scholarship East Carolina University Greenville N C M A STAG covers fields usually handled Cultural Affairs Office USIS money support program comes CU NEA One recent STAG Charles Stevesky contribution Afghan basketball players He taught intricacies effectiveness beauties Little before adopted Afghan players AFAMEC handled Stevesky because Gouttierre interest basketball A current STAG Theater Arts Stanley Heuisler admin istered AFAMEC because success previous recipients Student Testing Counseling AFAMEC considers testing counseling important functions particularly since about Afghan students require these vices annually Only about apply official grants administered AFAMEC students private means desire American university education They apply directly universities scholarship broader hopes catching scholarship fellowship In testing counseling AFAMEC works closely Consular Section American Embassy which constantly deluged students wishing attend school United States Some already received tentative acceptancies ditional passing required examinations others merely fishing All however treated fairly tests17 available AFAMEC qualified chaff always successfully effectively tests permit In order refine testing tools AFAMEC signed graduate record Dari AFAMEC Aptitude Achievement Exam AAE AFAMEC competi tions scholarships fellowships USAID Afghanistan often AAE determine scholarship winners under various educational programs At times Afghan student badly American oriented exams listed footnote exceptionally AAE When occurs AFAMEC special consideration AFAMEC devised English Evaluation Exam EEE which relates English training received Afghan students Afghanistan tests developed United States which often slanted toward European guage applicants The EEE always first given Afghan applicants applying Fulbright Hays grant other officially tioned program The student advised accordingly If English required AFAMEC recom mends student apply additional instruction before taking again AFAMEC helps qualified Afg students private means obtain admission Ameri universities It tries scholarships ceptionally promising students reason another could would apply officially sponsored grants Private scholarship students admission United States universities given advice AFAMEC American educational system pitfalls foreign student expect encounter Finally American Peace Corps volunteers ticularly those about return extensive library current university catalogs maintained AFAMEC AFAMEC Affiliated Scholars The program which affiliates independent Amer scholars teams scholars archaeolo gists AFAMEC probably immediate interest readers Fieldstaff Reports Services rendered scholars elaborated Appendix C official AFAMEC handout Any American scholar interested research Afghan istan sabbatical foundation grant fellowship should contact AFAMEC address given Appendix C The independent scholars avail themselves considerable services AFAMEC tribute close cooperation between Cultural Re lations Office Ministry Foreign Affairs Government Republic Afghanistan Executive Director office AFAMEC The July Ctat effect tionship between AFAMEC Ministry Foreign Affairs AFAMEC Affiliated Scholar Afghanistan difficulty having research proposal approved Appendix D contains independent scholars their institutions their projects which received assistance other since program instituted The ranges senior professors Afghan studies through graduate undergraduate students The independent research Afghanistan approval A fghan government AFAMEC introduce researchers Cul tural Affairs Department Ministry Foreign Affairs If Ministry approves individual project AFAMEC assist taining necessary residence visas travel permits In spite certain current strictures internal travel necessary Republic point security independent scholars flexible amenable suggestions Afghan government still suitable avenues research The individual scholar course responsible securing funds research services offered AFAMEC bureaucratic which previously faced scholar individually And those hypersensitivity toward being related official government institution I would emphasize following Afghan government accepted AFAMEC legiti nongovernment between independent American scholars AFA MEC official responsibilities Embassy neigh boring states tending tighten independent research Afghanistan proving attractive American scholars reflected affiliated scholars years But everyone applies accepted AFAMEC Afghan govern selective It makes difference Afghan government little known matter better known foreign scholar wants study little known esoterica archaeology linguistics social structure Be cause selectivity AFAMEC support Affiliated Scholar As AFAMEC celebrates tenth anniversary proud achievements None cially sponsored programs outgrown itself Most still function small effective scale Over years thousands Afghans received scholarships another grandiose Americ assistance schemes The projects completed scholarships terminated their recipients largely absorbed indiscriminately Afghan bureaucracy But continuity Fulbright Hays AFS East West Center other AFAMEC programs enthusiastic support Afghan officials involved enthusiastically competed Afghan students scholars Thus least legacy World War I1 achieved lasting impact Afghanistan Ironi cally Afghanistan remained neutral throughout entire conflict NOTES A Quarter Century The American Adventure Academic Exchange A Report Board Foreign Scholarships Washington Department State For Board Foreign Scholarships A Quarter Century The purpose Report describe years AFAMEC I included results other portant American educational efforts various USAID scholarship contract university programs prestigious Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships Afghan Leader Specialist Grantees International Visitors Program State Department Asia Foundation Scholarships I future Report these programs The press ceased exist after July government Republic insists publication temporary measure Louis Dupree A Note Afghanistan LD Fieldstaff Reports South Asia Series Vol XV No The Char Chatta project originated Nancy Hatch Dupree writing guidebook Kabul active support Mayor Kabul Professor Mohammad Asghar In November fluctuated around afghanis For those interested American Fulbright Hays Lecturer grantees hours Dari instruction month maintenance allowance addition salary month dependent additional maintenance allowance maximum education allowance accompanying dependents supplementary allow ances books incidentals Maintenance allow ances afghanis current dollar It remembered original grants issued United States include travel maintenance allowances dependents Having often incorrectly introduced campuses representative American Field Service Afghanistan I somewhat perverse affiliation organization Number Afghan AFS scholarships Louis Dupree The Burqa Comes Off LD Fieldstaff Reports South Asia Series Vol No A Swedish university students under study program during period precedent firmly established Author Eqlim Afghanistan The Climate Afghanistan Persian Kabul editor The Geographical Rewiew Afghanistan published Faculty Letters Humanities Kabul University For example Professor Ludwig Adamec Arizona Adamec author among other things Afghanistan Berkeley Dr Chris Jung Jr promising young geographer guiding spirit founding Achievement Exam AAE English Evaluation Exam Afghan Center Nebraska October EEE designed AFAMEC Achievement Test The Nebraska center monument Graduate Study Business ATGSB Associate Professor History University Northern Iowa author The Politics Afghanistan I thank following AFAMEC personnel their Cornell assistance preparation Report Tests Educational Council Foreign Medical Thomas Gouttierre Executive Director Graduates ECFMG TEFL Teaching English Jennifer B Haider Assistant Administration Foreign Language Graduate Record Exam GRE Affairs Law School Admission Test LSAT Michigan English Imamuddin Nawburi Assistant Program Fiscal Test Miller Analogy Exam AFAMEC Aptitudinal Affairs APPENDIXA American Universities Which Have Accepted Afghan Fulbright Hays Scholars Numbers accepted parentheses Indiana University University Kansas New York University University North Carolina Kansas State Teachers College University St Louis University Colorado Colorado State University University Arizona North Carolina State University Pennsylvania State University University Rhode Island Kent State University University Southern Cali fornia Michigan State University University Northern Iowa Northern Illinois University Purdue University State University New York Buffalo University Wisconsin Utah State University The following institutions acceptance University Alaska American University Appalachian State University Auburn University Ball State University Baylor University Berea College Bryn Mawr University Cincinnati Columbia University Columbia University Teachers College University Denver Florida State University George Peabody University Georgetown University George Williams College Harvard Medical School University Hawaii Humboldt College University Iowa John Carroll University Johns Hopkins University Kansas State Uni versity Long Island University University Maryland Miami Ohio University Miami Univer Michigan Central Mississippi State College Mississippi State University University Missis sippi Morehead State College University Missouri Ohio State University Ohio University Uni versity Pennsylvania Queens College City University New York Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute St Vincent Hospital San Francisco State University San Jose State University Southern Illinois University Syracuse University University Tennessee Tufts University Van derbilt University Virginia Polytechnic Institute Washington State University University Wash ington Wayne State University University Wyoming University Texas Austin Southwest Medical School Dallas University Texas Utah State University Wayne State University Placement various universities responsibility E APPENDIX B American Fulbright Hays Grantees Name Institution Field Year Raymond Wales institution listed Journalism Jimmy Bedford University Alaska Journalism Robert L Roll institution listed Math teacher Cincin Ohio Donald N ilber institution listed Political Science Todd K Hinkley Student Kabul University Pashto Doris M McK ellar Ft Collins Colorado High School Home Economics Darlene V Ramage institution listed Nutrition Fred W Weyter Colgate University BieChemistry David Glen Wright California State College Journalism Barbara B Benham Student Kabul University Literature Folklore Marion L Cronon Brookline Massachusetts Public Schools Home Economics Charles L eddesg University Colorado Islamic History May Ira H olland Los Angeles College Social Theory June Roderick B Holmgren Monterey Peninsula College Jour nalism G E Kidder Smith Self employed Architecture Lorraine Sakata Student University Washington Ethno musicology Lynn Stewart Meharey Medical College Nashville Tennes Bio Chemistry Norma rowbrid University Education Psy Drake chology May Clarke H Brooks Portland State College Geography Leon Poullada Princeton University His Terence H Cochran Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Port Oregon Pathology Edward M Harrison Fort Lewis College Student Bio chemistry Robert D McChesney Student Princeton History Paul P Snider Bradley University Journalism Eugene M Donner institution listed Journalism Rose Allen Kraft Cheldelin Junior High Corvallis Oregon Nutrition Norman W Vogel Washington Jefferson College Phys iology Thomas Gouttierre graduate student Indiana University Persian Language Peter M Cohen Cornell University Architecture Ivan E Danhof University Texas Southern Medical School Dallas Physiology Thomas Depinna Bair California State College Physiology Thomas J Bartuska Washington State University Archi tecture Charles L Seidel University Michigan Ann Arbor Physiology W Lawrence Church University Wisconsin Law Stanley I Hallet University Utah Architecture John C Huffer Self employed Law renewal Stuart H Stovin Washington State University Architec renewal C Murray Smart University Arkansas Architecture Charles Stevesky STAG Physical Education J Stanley Heuisler STAG Theater Arts Phil Cunningham Jr Howard University Physical Educa Charles Frank Vittor University California Berkeley History Islamic Studies William Bechhoefer University Maryland Architecture Gordon Schilz University Nebraska Omaha Geography NOTES Most assignments Kabul University Ningra Medical College One grantee taught Kabul school another advised Kabul Nandari Theater Ministry Information Culture Total Appendix B tally Chart because complete Exchange Lecturers students In addition STAGS included Chart total Fulbright Hays Appendix B Donald Wilber American Afghan studies Exchange Lecturers grants elsewhere Geddes Nepal Holland United Arab Republic Kidder Smith India Trowbridge India STAG grantees included because funds State Department Office CU Fulbright Hays grants APPENDIX C Services Provided AFAMEC Affiliated Scholars Services provided Commission legitimate independent American scholars extent depending particularities individual However Commission pared offer equally services detailed following scholar whose project acceptable Ministry Foreign Affairs Republic Afghanistan Submitting outlines projects behalf scholars prior their arrival Ministry Foreign Affairs approval approval results ultimately issuing necessary Afghan WORK Introduction arrival Afghan officials facilitate implementation scholar academic objectives Administration while Afghanistan scholar passport requirements specified Ministry Foreign Affairs procurement Afghan drivers licenses other documents where applicable Helping scholars settle including assistance locating housing orientation those little previous experience Afghanistan offering scholar Commis mailing address Introduction scholars Afghan colleagues similar academic interests Official introduction scholars their dependents facilities American Embassy Dispensary USAID A Staff House Association USIS American Center Library military attach6 films American Center The Commission considers these services ntial legitimate aspect responsibilities There requested attempt Commission exercise direct control scholars their projects In order benefit affiliation Commis however scholars required submit Commission their project proposals submitted Ministry Foreign Affairs Commission apprised their general whereabouts times follow these regulations established Ministry Foreign Affairs It requirements unfair imposition scholars cially light services received return Individuals seeking information additional above pertaining research study projects Afghanistan kindly requested direct their inquiries Executive Director Commis following address Afghan American Educational Commission P O Box Kabul Afghanistan APPEND IX D AFAMEC Affiliated Scholars indicates currently Afghanistan expected shortly Ludwig Adamec Professor Oriental Studies University Arizona going historical research Century Af ghanistan revision British Gazetteers Who Who Afghanistan Nigel Allan Syracuse University PhD candidate Geo graphy researched marketing patterns Koh Daman north Kabul Craig Allison Carleton College undergraduate Jon Anderson University North Carolina PhD Candi Anthropology social structure several Pushtun villages Hafizullah Marcia Baghban PhD candidate Indi University assistant folklore husband Afghan citizen Katherine Bailey PhD candidate University Illinois women Afghanistan Asen Balikci Professor Anthropology University Montreal member Research Staff M I T Pushtun families Nahrin sponsored Education Re search Center National Film Board Canada National Geographic Society Lloyd Baron Agricultural Economics University To ronto Canada development Hilmand Arghandab Valleys other projects Thomas J Barfield PhD candidate Anthropology Har pastoral nomadism northeastern Afghanistan Patricia Barr Friends World College undergraduate Af handicrafts Sondra Bechhoefer Education University Maryland husband Appendix B systemics Christopher Beckwith PhD candidate Altaic Studies Indiana University Turkic dialects northeastern Af ghanistan Ronald M Bifaro M S candidate Geography Uni versity Nebraska Omaha climatology David Boucher M A candidate Asian Studies East West Center University Hawaii Sikh community Kabul Christopher Brunner Assistant Professor Near Eastern Languages Literature Columbia University Pashto dialects Roberty Byles Assistant Professor Sociology An thropology Ohio University aeological survey Palaeolithic sites north Afghanistan Michelle De Angelis Fulbright Hays scholar Iran parative visit Richard Davis Assistant Professor Sociology An thropology Ohio University archaeological survey Palaeolithic sites north Afghanistan Walter Davison PhD candidate Linguistics Univer Pittsburgh Pashto dialects Jalalabad Louis Dupree AUFS Associate Afghanistan Adjunct Professor Anthropology The Pennsylvania State Uni versity Nancy Hatch Dupree resident authoress going history folklore William Frank Friends World College undergraduate photo studies Kevin Feigen institutional affiliation Afghan handi crafts William Gilmore Jr institutional affiliation photo journalism Carolyn Grillo Yale University undergraduate student women affairs Beate Gordon Director Performing Arts Program Asia Society observed Afghan musicians identify groups possible American tours Robert Hager International Legal Center ILC Fellow research Afghan practical advice Min istry Justice Kathye Jeanne Hambach institutional affiliation Kabuli language study Dari Faculty Letters Humanities Kabul University Phillip Hosterman M S candidate Hydrology Colo State University water resources southwestern Afghanistan Robert H Johnson Dean College Fine Applied Arts Director School American Craftsmen Rochester Institute Technology Afghan crafts craftsmen Deborah Salter Klimburg PhD candidate Fine Arts Harvard Islamic Buddhist primarily Bamiyan Nasratullah Laheeb PhD candidate Linguistics University Washington Afghan citizen doing research Uzbaki Turkic Katherine Loiseaux institutional affiliation studied Pashto Kabul University Gordon Grace Magney Syracuse University adult eracy Laubach specialists Jane Mastro M A andidate Political Science East West Center University Hawaii Sikh community Kabul John P Maynard Thomas J Watson Fellow Sufi poetry societies Jacqueline Naibi M A candidate East West Center University Hawaii Jonathan S Neale University London Anthropology student American doing research among eastern Pushtun nomads Richard S Newell Associate Professor History Univer Northern Iowa modern Afghan history politics Anita K G Pearlroth PhD candidate Islamic Art New York University Dawn Pencovic M A candidate Sociology Univer Manchester England women Afghan istan Thomas Lorraine Sakata University Washington Ms Sakata PhD candidate Ethnomusicology Dari music husband Appendix B assisted Ava Shaffer Museology Jacksonville Florida Museum collected children clothing other items museum Nazeef Shahrani PhD candidate Anthropology Uni versity Washington Afghan citizen studying Kirghiz peoples Pamir Eleanor Sims Fulbright Hays scholar Iran comparative visit Mark Slobin Assistant Professor Music Wesleyan Uni versity folkmusic particular reference northern Afghanistan Richard Strand Instructor Anthropology Brown Uni versity ethnolinguistics western Nuristan Michael Sullivan PhD candidate Educational Anthre pology University Pittsburgh formal traditional child socialization north Kabul John Alan Tipton Eastern Connecticut State College undergraduate background novel Carol Wald institutional affiliation studied Pashto Kabul University Marvin Weinbaum Professor Political Science University Illinois parliamentary processes Afghan istan Gerald Williams International Legal Center Fellow search Afghan practical advice Ministry Justice Alex Wetter Guy Feldman makers Unit Kingdom United States respectively umentary German network