Pramila Jayapal Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1994-1996 Fellowship Topic: Social Issues involving Religion, the status of Women, Population and AIDS Fellowship Area: India The Changing Face of India Kerala: A Development Model? Part I Kerala: A Development Model? Part II Uttar Pradesh: Redefining the Challenges Ladakh: Land of High Passes, Part I- Tourism: Savior or Destroyer?

John B. Robinson Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1996-1998 Fellowship Topic: Fellowship Area: Madagascar Here I am Chez Henriette And Again Antananarivo Dinna Forget If Only the Rain Would Stop The Place Where I Live St. Valentine’s Day Diego Suarez, 1997 Among the Pagans 10,000 Miles From Home Pousse-Pousse Poetry Hearing the Ones We Love Happy Bull’s 66-Zebu Sapphire Echoes