Putin’s Throwback State

Foreign Policy – Gregory Feifer’s latest article covers the undoing of Moscow’s shift West and asks “can Russia ever be normal?” Read “Putin’s Throwback State” here.

A Parking Garage in the Square

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Based in Cairo, I am examining media and visual culture in Egypt and across the Middle East. I have researched comics and satire in the region since 2012. Spending long evenings with cartoonists grappling with the aftermath of the revolution, I discovered that pop culture captures significant and subversive narratives that are often

The Dawning Moon of the Mind

Susan Brind Morrow’s latest book will be released by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in December 2015.  The Dawning Moon of the Mind has been described as “a stunning and original interpretation of an ancient system of poetic, religious, and philosophical thought.” The book examines the impact of the Pyramid Texts, some of the world’s

Burkina Faso’s Gay Rights Debate: What Role for Foreign Voices?

An aide would later say that the whole exchange happened “very quickly.” On the morning of Feb. 23, 2015, Tulinabo S. Mushingi, the American ambassador to Burkina Faso, met with Chérif Sy, who is heading the country’s interim parliament in the run-up to elections following the toppling of President Blaise Compaoré last year. According to news

“Revealed: The Inside Story of the Last WTC Tower’s Design”

Wired Magazine — Andrew Rice’s latest piece shares the story of the design for Two World Trade Center, which will be the fourth and final World Trade Center skyscraper.  Scheduled for completion in 2020, the building has been designed by star architect Bjarke Ingels and will be the headquarters of 21st Century Fox and News Corp.  Rice

Migration Crisis in Spain: Where are the Xenophobes?

June 2015 Pilar was 24 years old when she and her husband decided to go to France, to work as agricultural laborers on a farm owned by a wealthy Frenchman in 1955. Born in Albuñuelas, a tiny pueblo of 5000 people an hour north of Granada, Pilar knew what it was to live frugally. Both of Pilar’s parents worked as laborers, and Pilar grew up in a two-room

“After Abbas, an Abyss”

Foreign Affairs — Neri  Zilber and co-author Ghaith al-Omari have a new article in Foreign Affairs.  The piece comments on the succession crisis in Palestine in the wake of a health scare suffered by President Mahmoud Abbas in December 2014. Read the article here.