Love in the Age of Big Data

The Huffington Post – In a fascinating article, past Fellow Eve Fairbanks delves into the philosophy and relationship of John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman, creators of the Gottman Method, a science based method for building and improving romantic relationships. Using John Gottman’s highly academic research, the couple teach seminars

Update from Agua Verde

We are anchored at Agua Verde, just 23 nautical miles south of Puerto Escondido. This place is called Agua Verde for its turquoise waters–but it must have been named in the winter, since the hot summer water seems to have made the bay truly green. We haven’t ventured to the tiny town yet, as we spent the day yesterday making sealable  screens

New Orleans Door To Door

National Geographic – Past Fellow and photographer Tyrone Turner has taken an innovative approach to photography and storytelling in New Orleans.  He photographed one person in the Lower Ninth Ward and asked who to meet and photograph next, following a trail of recommendations throughout the community. This project is part of National Geographic’s

Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution

Jonathan Guyer has contributed a chapter to Translating Dissent: Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution, a forthcoming book from Routledge. His chapter focuses on the translation of Arabic political cartoons. Here is Jonathan’s abstract: This chapter reflects critically on the translation of Arabic political cartoons, both in broad and

Update from the Sea of Cortez

We had an amazing trip to Isla Pardito, one of the few inhabited islands in the Sea of Cortez. The island is less than 1/16th of a mile across and the cement block, thatch roofed houses are all stuffed onto the westward slope. There are four families who have lived there for five generations.  I met a man who has lived there for 68 years! I couldn’t

Artur Ávila, Brazil’s Shining Math Star

OZY – In her latest piece, past Fellow Shannon Sims profiles Artur Ávila, the first Latin American winner of the the world’s most prestigious mathematics prize, the Fields Medal. Ávila’s milestone is groundbreaking because of the poor state of mathematics education in his home country of Brazil. Yet the story has not received

The New Great Game

Foreign Affairs – In his latest analysis on the war in Syria, past ICWA Fellow Andrew Tabler reveals how regional powers are steadily claiming spheres of influence in the disintegrating country, redrawing Syria’s map and, in the process, reshaping the balance of power in the Middle East. Click here to read “The New Great Game”.

Israel’s Internal Demographics Disaster

The National Interest – In a new article, Neri Zilber discusses the shifting demographics of Israel and what they will mean for the country going forward. According to Zilber, these internal changes will be more decisive than international factors. Read the article in full at The National Interest.