France Is Fighting Its Own Taboos

Huffington Post – ICWA Trustee Julie Barlow and past Fellow Jean-Benoît Nadeau have co-authored an article about the political challenges that France now faces in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks.  Barlow and Nadeau have written extensively about French language and conversation and they posit that the issues that the attacks have

Muscat to Mji Mkongwe

Unguja ni njema atakaye aje — Zanzibar is good to those who will come, Swahili proverb I approached the passenger side door with my bag slung over my shoulder, dripping with sweat as I waited for the taxi driver to unlock the car. As I stood there, wondering what might be taking so long, I saw that the driver was himself waiting patiently behind me

When It Comes to Vladimir Putin and Islamic State, Trust but Verify

Reuters – In his latest article, Gregory Feifer discusses the possibility of persuading Vladimir Putin to cooperate in Syria, motivated by the common goal of combating Islamic State.  Feifer writes, “Although Western governments are right to pursue any avenue that encourages genuine cooperation, they should be very, very wary of compounding

Arab Cartoonists Respond to the Tragedy in Paris

PRI – Jonathan Guyer spoke with Marco Werman of PRI’s The World about the response of Arab cartoonists and satirists in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris and Beirut. In the interview, Jonathan describes the unifying messages coming from Arabic cartoons in response to the tragedies.  He also discusses the global impact of terror

Coffee, Tea, and the Cultural Sieve

One of the first things I found myself needing after arriving in Muscat was a strong cup of coffee. Fortunately, coffee is somewhat of an Omani national pastime. Drinking coffee together is an integral part of local culture, so much so that the traditional coffee pot, or dallah, has become an unofficial symbol of the Sultanate, representing the legendary

Nothing to Lose: Côte d’Ivoire’s Troubled Campus Politics

As campus events go, it is difficult to imagine anything less controversial than the “Peace Fair” held at Côte d’Ivoire’s largest university one Friday morning last July. Part of a U.S. State Department-backed program intended to temper a politically volatile campus climate, the fair featured Ivoirian artists and singers, a blood-donation stand

‘The Price We Pay’ Maps a Web of Offshore Tax Havens

The New York Times – ICWA Trustee Krishen Mehta is featured in a documentary film about offshore tax havens for international corporations. In his review, Andy Webster writes that “the ideas in this densely packed but enlightening film can be challenging, but must be heard.” Mehta has shared some of his insights on tax evasion and