The Erdogan Loyalists and the Syrian Refugees

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Over the last five years, millions of Syrians, most of whom are Arabs, have flooded into Turkey. The newcomers seem foreign to most Turks, but the two peoples have memories of an ancestral divorce.

A New Generation of Arab Comics

Jonathan offers an crash course on Arab comic art in his review of the book Muqtatafat: A Comics Anthology Featuring Artists from the Middle East Region, by A. David Lewis, Anna Mudd, and Paul Beran.  In his essay, Jonathan discusses a new generation of comic artists in the Arab world and their innovative works, which appear online and in print. In

Israel and Hezbollah – A Fragile Peace

Tablet – Past Fellow Neri Zilber delves into the complex reality of life along Israel’s border with Lebanon in his recent article. Along the so-called Blue Line that divides the two countries, the threat of conflict between the Israel Defense Forces and the Shi’a militia group Hezbollah is ever-present. Neri describes how 10 years on from the

Wings to Nowhere — Birds, Land Use, and Climate

Luis whips his head around so quickly that a droplet of water flies out of his nose. He’s mid-sentence, walking through the heavy sand and talking about community-based management for his town, when he stops abruptly. His eyes grow wide behind his square-ish glasses, and the skin on his thin face pushes back into an enormous smile. “Great Kiskadee.”

A Fire in Cairo

25 June 2016 Attaba is Cairo’s most popular bazaar. Just east of downtown, the sprawling network of alleys and squares offers thousands of stores and street sellers. It takes skill to navigate the crowds; everyone has a shopping bag—or two or three—in their hands, or on their heads, trying to edge their way through the narrow spaces that motorbikes,