The Spartan Regime

Past Fellow Paul A. Rahe has written an authoritative and refreshingly original consideration of the government and culture of ancient Sparta and her place in Greek history For centuries, ancient Sparta has been glorified in song, fiction, and popular art. Yet the true nature of a civilization described as a combination of democracy and oligarchy by

The Case for (Finally) Bombing Assad

In this August 3, 2016, NYT Opinion piece, Dennis Ross and past ICWA Fellow Andrew Tabler urge the US administration to take action against Syrian government forces and President Bashar al-Assad.

The Brewing Storm: Coffee Steeped in Climate Change

I walk into the cabin and have to suppress a gasp. My friend Jon sits on the bed, his entire body covered in lumpy, bright red hives. “My lips feel weird. They’re all swollen.” “I gave him the allergy pill already,” Shannon, his partner, is unnecessarily tidying, something I have noticed she does when she is trying to demonstrate that she

How Israel Plays Syria’s Civil War

THE DAILY BEAST – Former Fellow Neri Zilber’s latest article on Israel and the Syrian civil war focuses on the Golan Heights and how Israel’s force posture, including its relationship with the rebels on the other side of the border, has evolved over the past several years. After half a decade sitting out the civil war, is Israel about

Special Coup Issue: Turkish Cartoonists in Crisis

July 2016 Istanbul: Outside of the office of Evrensel, the socialist newspaper, in the historic neighborhood of Fatih, a group of young journalists, some in Star Wars T-shirts and all wearing sneakers, take a cigarette break. Near them, dozens of elderly men drink tea and smoke on low stools, their street café facing walls plastered with posters criticizing

TTIP, Brexit, and Bespoke

Stephen Maly provides an uncommonly entertaining look at trade in this illuminating personal narrative of his recent working visit to the UK: ‘TTIP, Brexit and Bespoke. June 17,2016 My brief encounter with Transnational trade issues and the British brand. “Europe is finished.” The statement floored me. I stopped slurping the wine and garlic broth