Trading Green for Green: The Truth About Costa Rica’s ‘Eco’ism

With a wild screech, a monkey springs from the trees and grabs our backpack. The pack sits unattended on a bench, but within a few feet of my hand. The monkey knows to grab the straps. But it miscalculates the weight of the pack and cannot leap back into the trees from the bench. My husband Josh spins on his heel so that their noses meet only inches

A Bright Spot in an Otherwise Darkened Egypt

In The Art Newspaper, Fellow Jonathan Guyer reviews Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla’s new show “On the Silk Road.” The 60 mixed-media works are inspired by fairy tales and mythology, and exhibited at the ministry of culture’s premier space. In his review, Guyer situates Abla’s practice within the broader politics of art in Egypt

A Coast with No Water

All I can see are breaking waves. I stand up on the lazarette and lean onto the dodger to steady the binoculars. There is supposed to be a channel clearly marked with lighted buoys, our first entrance to Nicaragua. We left Honduras early and had a favorable current pushing us south from the Gulf of Fonseca, but we had planned to arrive at dark and use

Blog: Five Cartoons about Cairo’s Cathedral Bombing

December 16, 2016 Cartoonists for Egyptian newspapers regularly draw in the wake of a tragedy. On December 11, a suicide bomber attacked attacked St. Paul and St. Peter Church, leaving 25 dead and 50 injured. While Egypt has experienced targeted assassinations, attacks on police outposts, and a plane crash in recent times, the strike on the Coptic churches

Beyond the Kitchen and Other Room: Where do Women and Girls Stand in Nigeria?

“When you give a woman a responsibility, she either abuses it or lets you down. I hope neither will happen in this case,” said the Head of Department (HOD) at the weekly team meeting of a Nigerian government institution in Lagos State as he introduced the new female Supervisor. It was about 8:15am as staff members stood outside in the usual

Blog: Nigera Says NO to Child Marriage

Last week, I attended what was possibly the most important high-level meeting for me as an ICWA Fellow in Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria, on Tuesday, November 29, committed to end a deeply-rooted cultural and social menace in the country — child marriage. “Our stand is clear. No child marriage,” declared the Vice-President, Prof.

ICWA Trustee Mike Lampton Interviewed on Trump’s Taiwan Phone Call

ICWA Trustee Mike Lampton, among the world’s eminent China scholars, appeared December 6th on PRI’s ‘On Point’ to discuss ‘US-China Relations on Edge with President-elect Trump.’  The show, widely broadcast on NPR, featured Mike’s expert assessment of the impact of Trump’s phone call with the President of Taiwan.

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