Fellowship Years: 1971-1976

Fellowship Topic:

Fellowship Area: North America

The Menominees of Wisconsin

The Papago Way

The Saguaro Harvest Arizona

Bearded But at Large in Mexico

San Cristobal de las Casas

The Lacandones of Lacanja

Worlds Apart in Chenalho

Making It in Chenalho

Antonio Vasquez, Curandero of Chenalho, Chiapas

Interview with Antonio Vasquez, Curandero

Cristobal and Marta

The Iroquois Confederacy New York State I. The Onondaga and the Central. Council Fire

The Iroquois Confederacy II. The Roots of Disunity

The Iroquois Confederacy III. The Current Resurgence

An Introduction to the Havasupai Grand Canyon: “I Guess We Are Going to Disappear” National Park

Havasupai Relations with Washington: “I Don’t Know What They Want Us to Tell Them

How to Help the Havasupai?: “I’ll Make a House-to-House Survey to See if They Want Hot Lunches”

San Pedro Mixtepec OAXACA

Sickness in San Pedro Mixtepec

Eating to Live

Childbirth in San Pedro

Infant Mortality in San Pedro

Walking to the Center of San Pedro: From My House as Far as the Outhouse

Walking to the Center of San Pedro: To the Arroyo

Walking to the Center of San Pedro: Downtown at Last

Conflict in San Pedro: Three Who Fled

Conflict in San Pedro: One Who Tries to Stay

Conflict in San Pedro: An Excuse for Change