ICWA Archive

ICWA Archive

Welcome to the institute’s archives. Here you can search for all published dispatches since its founding in 1925.

In addition, the complete historical collection of Institute of Current of Current World Affairs is available to researchers at the Columbia University Library.

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Former Fellows Database

Fellows Database - Imported

wdt_ID Fellow Name first_name last_name user_nicename user_email biography Fellowship Dates Fellowship Location Fellowship Topics
1 Adam Smith Albion Adam Smith Albion aalbion asalbion@yahoo.com Program Director of the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA). Previously he built and directed two parallel organizations for Central Eurasia and the Middle East. He serves a member of the advisory board of the Museum of Islamic Art (Pergamon Museum 1994-1996 Turkey 1994-1996 Trabzon: Black Sea Affairs 1996-2000 Cental Asia, the Caspian and Xinjiang
2 Alex Brenner Alex Brenner abrenner ajbrenner@gmail.com Director of Research and Analysis, GreenPoint Group, a U.S.-China Strategic Advisory Firm. His work is informed by years of experience on the ground in China and a broad record of research and writing about contemporary Chinese issues. 2003-2005 China Economic and cultural globalization
3 Anthony R. Dicks Anthony R. Dicks adicks Professor Dicks is primarily engaged in practice as an expert on Chinese law. He is Emeritus Professor of Chinese Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. 1962-1968 China Chinese Law
4 Alejandro Fogel Alejandro Fogel afogel A multimedia artist working in painting, installations, video, travel-performance, and digital art. Director of The Creativity Workshop. 1992 Argentina Legacy and continuing influence of Inca civilization on culture, arts, and societies of South America
5 Amelia Frank-Vitale Amelia Frank-Vitale afrank-vitale amelia.frankvitale@gmail.com Ms. Frank-Vitale is a doctoral student in Anthropology at the University of Michigan. She holds a master’s degree in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from American University and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Yale University. Her research focu 2012-2014 Mexico Unauthorized migrants en route
6 Allyn Gaestel Allyn Gaestel agaestel allyn.gaestel@gmail.com She is a freelance journalist who covers inequality and the human repercussions of politics. Her 2011 reports exposing power structures and human rights abuses in medicine in India inThe Los Angeles Review of Books and The Atlantic were reprinted in the N 2015 Nigeria Human Rights, Politics & Gender
7 Arthur Getz Arthur Getz agetz Advisor, Project Communication, Dissemination and Training 1989-1991 United States Agriculture and Human Values from a Cross-cultural Perspective
8 Ann Mische Ann Mische amische amische@sociology.rutgers.edu Associate Professor of Sociology and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Her work focuses on communication and deliberation in social movements and democratic politics, examining the implications of suc 1987-90 Brazil Youth and educational movements in Brazil.
9 Albert Ravenholt Albert Ravenholt aravenholt webmaster@icwa.org Correspondent, professor, farmer and vintner, specializing in the Far East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific since before WWII. Associate of the American Universities Field Staff since its founding in 1951. 1947-1951 Far East
10 Andrew Rice Andrew Rice arice andrewrice75@yahoo.com Contributing editor, New York Magazine. Author of The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget: Murder and Memory in Uganda. 2002-2004 Uganda Life, Politics, and Development