US military operations reflect Greece’s strategic significance

Steven Tagle

Attitudes toward Americans are changing with bilateral cooperation and opportunities for locals.


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The hustle of Syrian hawalasThe hustle of Syrian hawalas

The hustle of Syrian hawalas

Joshua Levkowitz
The system of financial remittances provides an economic lifeline to the war-ravaged country, but it’s coming under pressure.


A walk through KolkataA walk through Kolkata

A walk through Kolkata

Astha Rajvanshi
The city’s daily life is marked by politics, religion and the threat of outsiders.


Independent Syrian media rises in exileIndependent Syrian media rises in exile

Independent Syrian media rises in exile

Joshua Levkowitz
Journalists are breaking through the Assad regime's information blockade.


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Lessons from AfghanistanLessons from Afghanistan

Lessons from Afghanistan

Can the 1980s Soviet war help Americans understand how the US-led conflict should be remembered?


Returning to Central AmericaReturning to Central America

Returning to Central America

Former fellow Joel Millman revisits his old stomping ground three decades after major change swept the world.


After Israel’s ‘extraordinary’ spring, what’s next?After Israel’s ‘extraordinary’ spring, what’s next?

After Israel’s ‘extraordinary’ spring, what’s next?

Former ICWA fellow Neri Zilber lays out what matters most in the country’s evolving political drama.


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I firmly believe what the institute has always believed, that America’s success depends very much on our understanding of other parts of the world.

Pramila Jayapal, U.S. Congresswoman, Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (ICWA fellow in India, 1994-1996)
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