ICWA announces new 2021 fellows

ICWA Staff

Bryce Bray, James Courtright and Steven Tagle will be going to the Russian Arctic, West Africa and Greece.


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The latest from the institute’s fellows in India, Saudi Arabia, Germany and El Salvador. Sign up for emails to follow their research.

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India’s gender gap is slowing the vaccination driveIndia’s gender gap is slowing the vaccination drive

India’s gender gap is slowing the vaccination drive

Astha Rajvanshi
How women are prevented from getting the jab.


Exodus from LebanonExodus from Lebanon

Exodus from Lebanon

David Kenner
As the country’s best and brightest flee, those who remain are finding it even more difficult to pick up the pieces.


Gender discrimination is plaguing El SalvadorGender discrimination is plaguing El Salvador

Gender discrimination is plaguing El Salvador

Elizabeth Hawkins
Stereotypes and patriarchal attitudes are making girls vulnerable to abuse and persecution.


Global Currents

Analysis and commentary on developments the institute is watching.

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After Israel’s ‘extraordinary’ spring, what’s next?After Israel’s ‘extraordinary’ spring, what’s next?

After Israel’s ‘extraordinary’ spring, what’s next?

Former ICWA fellow Neri Zilber lays out what matters most in the country’s evolving political drama.


India’s foreign aid dilemmaIndia’s foreign aid dilemma

India’s foreign aid dilemma

The international community is eager to help the country emerge from its devastating second wave of Covid. But distributing supplies is proving challenging.


Reframing the US immigration ‘crisis’Reframing the US immigration ‘crisis’

Reframing the US immigration ‘crisis’

Both the nature and root causes of migration are misunderstood, former ICWA fellow Amelia Frank-Vitale says.


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We take you around the world with ICWA fellows studying cultures, societies and globally important issues in depth.


Advancing America's global role

The Institute of Current World Affairs has sent outstanding young women and men abroad to acquire deep knowledge of foreign societies for over 90 years. They have become some of America's leading experts in global cultures and affairs.

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The Cable Podcast

The transatlantic wire on security and democracy. A production of ICWA and the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group in Washington.

I firmly believe what the institute has always believed, that America’s success depends very much on our understanding of other parts of the world.

Pramila Jayapal, U.S. Congresswoman, Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (ICWA fellow in India, 1994-1996)
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