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Current Fellows

  • Civil liberties and tyrannical majorities

    “Everyone has the right to advocate individually or collectively to advance her people, nation, and country… to express her thoughts and attitudes in accordance with her conscience… to communicate and obtain information to develop her personal and social environment.” —Article 28 of the Indonesian constitution (1945) JAKARTA, Indonesia — The back courtyard of the coffee shop ...
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  • Not another Western intervention

    Can writers transcend archetypes, stereotypes and other misguided expectations? When I met an editor from an American newspaper five years ago, I sought guidance for crafting the perfect pitch. Having just begun working as a journalist in Cairo, I was developing an expertise in Arab political comics. The editor’s response was blunt: The rag was likely ...
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Past Fellows

  • Former Fellow Fieser on Caribbean Helicopters Evacuation Efforts

    Former  Fellow Ezra Fieser (Guatemala, 2008-2010) wrote an article published by Bloomberg about Caribbean Helicopters, owned by Neil Dickinson, which had been racing to evacuate children, elderly, and the sick off Barbuda before Hurricane Jose. Caribbean Helicopters was shuttling food, water, and emergency supplies in several times a day, and leaving with people left homeless ...
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  • Former Fellow Fieser on Hurrican Irma

    Former Fellow Ezra Fieser (Guatemala, 2008-2010) contributed to an article published by Livemint regarding the projected destructive costs of Hurrican Irma. The article states that “Hurricane Irma is threatening Florida with almost $200 billion worth of damages, $2 trillion of property, two weeks after Harvey struck the heart of US energy production.” Click here for the ...
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