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Your tax-deductible donation is vital to help us pursue our mission of sending young women and men abroad to acquire deep knowledge of foreign countries and cultures—a mission as important today as when the Institute of Current World Affairs was founded in 1925. Institute Fellows have become some of our nation’s leading experts in foreign affairs, based on the brilliant and still unique fellowships designed by our founders Charles R. Crane and Walter Rogers. We continue their tradition with your support.

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How the ICWA Fellowship Transformed My Life

The impact of the ICWA experience goes far beyond the two-year immersion Fellowship.  Many of our Fellows have told us that their ICWA experience literally transformed their lives.  Here are some examples.  (If you’re a past ICWA Fellow, please share your story with us as well!)

“This combination of working within a major centre for academic study of science and technology policy issues, and having the responsibility for helping to support many nascent science and technology policy research groups throughout the developing world was a deeply rewarding experience. It was a huge and valued transformation from my oil company career as a geophysicist. This transformation was entirely due the ICWA Fellowship.”

GEOFFREY OLDHAM, Geophysicist and Fellow in China 1960-1966

*   *   *   *  *

“… [M]y ICWA fellowship was a formative, life-changing experience for me.  I honed my observer’s eye, analytical and writing skills, and developed my knowledge of the world, the USA, and myself… ICWA is a bridge from our island that enables both fellows and readers a chance to get a deep look at another place, people, culture…  In the increasingly interconnected / interdependent world we live in, such bridges are so critical.  We need more ICWA experiences.”

MARC MICHAELSON, Regional Superintendent of Achievement First and Fellow in Ethiopia and Eritrea 1998-2000