Boyd R. Compton Newsletters

  • November 20, 1954
  • Boyd R. Compton

Fellowship Years: 1952 – 1957 Fellowship Area(s): Indonesia, Netherlands My Friend Omah Indonesia’s National Language The October 17 Crisis Pekadjangan Village Islam in Pekadjangan The Bandung ECAFE Conference President Sukarno and the Islamic State The Muda Mudi Sumatra: Isle of Hope “Progress”: Official Business The Girls of Kroe Stone Age Village The Indonesian Election Law


A. Doak Barnett Newsletters

  • April 25, 1950
  • A. Doak Barnett

Fellowship Years: 1947 – 1955 Fellowship Area(s): South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China Flight to and First Impressions of India With PT to Delhi, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Madras Bangkok, Siam and Arrival in China Shanghai National Election New Constitution Siyuan Province; Paotow, Kweisui and Kalgan Peiping and Municipal Government Pa Chia Ts’un Village Student Opinions and


Richard Morse Newsletters

  • October 17, 1948
  • Richard Morse

Fellowship Years: 1946 – 1950 Fellowship Area(s): India Flight from New York to New Delhi; Plane Companions First Impressions of India; Future Program Plans The Tribal Area’s Underlying Problem; the “Pathan” Race Shahpur District; Its Rural Economy Amritsar District; North Indian Village Life Bombay Interviews; Tata, Laud, Mehta, Premchand Kumaramangalam; Bombay to Poona The Charity School in


Kenneth O. May Newsletters

  • April 2, 1943
  • Kenneth O. May

May, Kenneth V.1


Francis W. Herron Newsletters

  • April 28, 1942
  • Francis W. Herron

Fellowship Years: 1941 – 1942 Fellowship Area(s): Argentina, Peru En Route to Buenos Aires on the SS Argentina Arrival in Buenos Aires; off to Mendoza Getting Settled in Mendoza; Introduction to the University of Mendoza Christmas in the Argentine A Look at the Province of Mendoza Earthquakes; Vineyards; People Newspapers; Magazines; a Visit to Junin Impressions of


John N. Hazard Newsletters

  • May 27, 1939
  • John N. Hazard

Fellowship Years: 1934-1940 Fellowship Topic: Fellowship Area: U.S.S.R. miscellaneous correspondence through 8/2/34 miscellaneous correspondence through 10/28 miscellaneous correspondence through12/9 miscellaneous correspondence through 1/27/35 miscellaneous correspondence through 3/16 miscellaneous correspondence through 4/20 miscellaneous correspondence through 6/2 miscellaneous correspondence through 7/10 miscellaneous correspondence through 10/11 miscellaneous correspondence through 11/22 miscellaneous correspondence through 1/10/36 miscellaneous correspondence through 2/21 miscellaneous correspondence


Eyler N. Simpson Newsletters

  • January 25, 1928
  • Eyler N. Simpson

Fellowship Years: 1926 – 1932 Fellowship Area(s): Mexico Miscellaneous correspondence through 1/4/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 5/18/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 7/24/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 8/23/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 9/15/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 9/25/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 10/20/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 11/15/1927 Miscellaneous correspondence through 1/4/1928 Miscellaneous correspondence through 1/12/1928 Miscellaneous correspondence through 1/31/1928 Miscellaneous correspondence through /1/31/1928 Miscellaneous