Andrew Tabler, former ICWA fellow and Syria expert, was recently quoted in a Politico article titled “Trump still doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with Assad.”  Below is Tabler’s quote:

“What’s striking about the string of recent clashes is that the United States has been provoked by offensive actions taken by Iranian-allied groups or the Syrian regime, said Andrew Tabler, also of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Tabler, who has called the scramble for supremacy in eastern Syria a new “Great Game,” said it’s not clear why Iran and other parties believe now is a good time to needle the United States.

“I think they are testing the mettle of the United States,” Tabler said of the Iranians. He added, however, that, whereas Obama hesitated over taking military action in Syria, “what’s interesting about the Trump administration is that they lay down red lines, and if you cross them, they react.””

Read the full article on Politico’s website, linked here.