Astha Rajvanshi – India

Astha Rajvanshi – India

Astha Rajvanshi examined the lives of women and marginalized communities in India and greater South Asia as a Levinson Fellow. She explored how groups navigate the notions of safety and freedom amid a rapidly changing political and economic landscape. Previously, she worked for the New York Times Magazine and was a recipient of the Open City Fellowship by the Asian American Writers Workshop in New York. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she is a graduate of Columbia University’s Stabile Center for Investigative Reporting, where she was a Brown Institute Scholar for Media Innovation and a Global Migration Reporting Fellow.


Dispatches from Astha Rajvanshi

  • Assam’s stateless women

    Assam’s stateless women

    • Astha Rajvanshi
    • March 26, 2022
    A crackdown on illegal migrants has made them the easiest targets.
  • What's next for India’s farmers?

    What’s next for India’s farmers?

    • Astha Rajvanshi
    • February 9, 2022
    After the success of a year-long protest in the capital, a return to the land brings resolve to pursue real reforms.
  • A walk through Kolkata

    A walk through Kolkata

    • Astha Rajvanshi
    • December 5, 2021
    The city’s daily life is marked by politics, religion and the threat of outsiders.