What would you do with two years to study anything in the world?

The Institute of Current World Affairs identifies and cultivates rare potential by immersing promising young professionals in the study of countries, regions or globally important issues, positioning them to become leaders in their fields.

Through an intensive two-year immersion program crafted over 90 years, the institute has helped transform the lives and advance the careers of emerging writers, scholars and diplomats, as well as experts in the fields of policy, business and social activism. A prestigious ICWA fellowship provides recipients with the rare gift of time and freedom to explore regions and topics, expanding their knowledge at a formative time in their lives, and sharing their self-directed, independent research through monthly newsletters.

The institute weighs all proposals with no restrictions on topics or regions. However, 2018 applicants are especially encouraged to propose examining any of the following topics:

• The spread of populism
• Threats to peace and security
• Migration
• Brexit
• The environment
• Post-conflict societies
• The transformation of rural villages
• The effects of technology and innovation on society

And the following regions and countries:

• Latin America (especially Venezuela, Cuba)
• Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia)
• Turkey
• Eurasia (especially Russia, Ukraine)

ICWA will appoint three new fellows for 2019-2020 in December. Letters of interest are due by June 15—for more information and to apply, please click here.