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Senior Advisor, Educational & Cultural Affairs, U.S. Information Agency; Deputy Asst. Secretary of State for Educational &. Cultural Relations; Coordinator, International Women's Year, Department of State; Federal Women's Program Coordinator and Women's Activities Advisor in USIA; Executive Director, Overseas Education Fund, League of Women Voters of U.S.; on Staff of Child Study Association. For Marcy's newsletters, please see joint work with Carl Marcy.

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Fellowship Years: 1963 – 1964 Fellowship Area(s): India, Pakistan, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan Power, Persuasion, and Influence “Voluntary” Controls A Policy of Persuasion? Frustration and Miscellany U.S. Policy in Sukarnoland Rumination on Foreign Aid Foreign Policy in the Indus Basin: The Mangla Dam Pakistan Interview “Counterpart