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Journalist and editor living in Istanbul. She has written for the New York Times Magazine, the New York Times Book Review, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New Republic, GQ, Newsweek, the Financial Times, Bookforum, Bidoun and other publications. For over two years, she was a senior editor at the New York Observer, and was also an editor in the Books section at Salon.

The Erdogan Loyalists and the Syrian Refugees

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Over the last five years, millions of Syrians, most of whom are Arabs, have flooded into Turkey. The newcomers seem foreign to most Turks, but the two peoples have memories of an ancestral divorce. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/24/magazine/erdogans-people.html

“A Finance Minister Fit for a Greek Tragedy”

New York Times Magazine — Suzy Hansen’s latest article takes an in-depth look at the tactics of Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and Greece’s precarious place in the European Union.  Varoufakis, only four months in to his term, is determined to improve Greece’s economic situation regardless of the political cost to him. Read