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Writer, analyst, academic and filmmaker working on the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union as well as Turkey and the Middle East. His books on Azerbaijan, Georgia and Chechnya have been translated into multiple languages. He is currently at work on a four-part documentary film on Azerbaijan from 1908 to the present based on the views and insights of some 30 former ambassadors, academics and journalists, with the working title of ‘Azerbaijan Through Foreign Eyes.’ It is set to be released in 2015.

Karabakh’s Soccer Refugees Take on Europe

Politico- In Thomas Goltz’s latest article, he writes about the small soccer team called Qarabağ-Ağdam, the “Horsemen” from Azerbaijan and the struggles they have overcome during and after the 1988-94 Karabakh War, consisting of “a bitter war, exile and the long climb to international football heights.” Goltz goes in depth

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Fellowship Years: 1991 – 1993 Fellowship Area(s): Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey December 20th 1990-February 4th 1991 Notes and Impressions after initial reconnaissance trip to Tashkent and Uzbekistan Let Them Eat Ego! The Reflections of a Kurdish Relief Volunteer A Survey of the Seattle-Tashkent Sister-City Relationship Some Reflections