ICWA Executive Director Gregory Feifer joined a group of 60 foreign policy experts and former officials calling attention to the deterioration of democratic principles in some of America’s NATO and European allies, which they say poses a direct national security threat to the United States.

“We have come together out of alarm that the erosion of democratic principles and weakening of democratic institutions among some of our European allies is putting at risk US peace, security, and prosperity,” their statement of principles says.

The bipartisan statement will be sent to members of Congress and the administration in the hope that US leaders focus on the disturbing trends against democratic principles occurring in countries like Hungary and Poland.

“Hungary’s parliamentary elections on Sunday will almost certainly secure a third consecutive majority for the party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the champion of ‘illiberal democracy’ who’s at the vanguard of Europe’s swing toward right-wing authoritarianism.” Feifer said. “This raising of alarm bells is a step toward applying the kind of pressure that will be needed to repair the liberal world order in the years to come.”