Bryn Barnard, former ICWA fellow (1983-85, visual communication in Southeast Asia), former board member, artist and author,has released a new book!   The New Ocean: The Fate of Life in a Changing Sea, was published by Knopf this month. It deals with ocean acidification, climate change and plastics pollution.

“An impassioned call to protect Earth’s oceans, sure to stimulate conversations.” –School Library Journal

“The New Ocean will be oxygen-poor and could cause another mass extinction. These bleak forecasts are accompanied by Barnard’s beautiful oil paintings of sea creatures. His information is not inaccurate; his explanations are clear; the future he envisages is one of many possibilities.” -Kirkus

Barnard writes non-fiction books for children, and has already published several books.  Click here to visit his website and view his work!