We’re delighted to announce the appointment of two new outstanding fellows who will begin their fellowships next year.

Brett Simpson | Norway | 2024-2026

Brett will travel to Norway to examine two “Arctics” shifting in parallel: both the fast-melting, climate-critical landscape, and the zone of economic and militaristic contention in an emerging European geopolitic. Using the uncertain future of this three-decade experiment in Arctic diplomacy as my touchstone, she plans to untangle the intersecting scientific, economic, and political challenges in the fastest-changing region of the globe.



Rowland Robinson | Integrative health care | 2024-2026

Rowland will investigate integrative healthcare approaches to problematic substance use in the Netherlands, Portugal, and Brazil. He aims to better understand the public health approach pioneered by the Netherlands and Portugal, followed by an investigation of how that model translates to a larger country like Brazil which implemented a Dutch style drug law in 2006.