Fellowship Years: 1981-1984

Fellowship Topic: South Africa and Bordering States

Fellowship Area: South Africa

Dress Codes

Johannesburg; First Look

Zimbabwe: Alive and Well

South West Africa-Namibia: A Quick Look at a Troubled Land

Bophuthatswana: A Black State or State of Mind?

Angling in Soweto: The June 16th Memorial

Middle Class Blues

24 Hours at a Homeland Hospital: Some aspects of South African life never change

Zulu! Zulu! Power “prayers” demonstrate even in South Africa there is a way to speak out

Institute Speech

The Maseru Raid: A new era of South African militarism

Homeland Court: African legal system as slow as anywhere else

One Not-Quite-White Hunter: A Day in the Country, Afrikaans Style

On Transvestites and Barbers Some South Africans Struggle With More Than Race

A Princess of Sorts Even Privilege Has Its Risks