Fellowship Years: 1973-1976

Fellowship Topic: Theatre and 20th Century mythologies

Fellowship Area: United States

Mind Matter



East is east and west is west…

Likening spiritual to corporeal forms

Mahatmas and other secret obsessions

A Place Where God has Stopped


The Who and the Where

The Knights of the Round Table

From Page to Stage

Old and New Fables

From Theory to Practice

Verdicts and Prospects

Five Finger Exercise

Creation Myths

Short Pieces and Ceremonies

Spaces, Sacred and Profane

Pups and Imago

Trials and Tribulations

The Unarmed Circle


The Sibyl of First Avenue

The Twin-Engined Pegasus

Black Light in Bridgeport

The Barbie Doll Plot

Dream Incubation

Battatilous Aspect


Simple Gifts #1

Simple Gifts #2

Burrowing Through the Mountain