Fellowship Years: 1998-2000

Fellowship Topic: The Horn of Africa

Fellowship Area: Ethiopia, Eritrea

Religious Threads” An Airport, A Mini-Bus and Epiphany

The Last Year with Mom

“Deportations” Personalized Escalation of the Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Conflict

The Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict” Part 1-Events

The Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict: Part 2-Explanations

An Excursion to Asmara (via Djibouti, of course)

Recognizing Somaliland

Assab: Surviving Trying Times in Port

Peace Fails, War Resumes Why?

Glimpses of a Fellow’s Life

Condoms, Konso, and Colobus Monkeys

Value-Added Recycling

Border Economics: “Contraband” Trade in Ethiopia’s Somali Region

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia: Part 1-Transforming a Political Landscape

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia: Part 2-Somali National Regional State

Deportees: A Year Later

Front Line Dispatches

Afar-Issa Conflict Managment

Refugees and Ironies

Pastoral Days

Puntland: Linchpin in Somalia’s Quest for Peace

Notes on Sudan

A Final Trip Around the Horn