Fellowship Years: 1984-1986

Fellowship Topic: Contemporary culture and cultural politics in the Soviet Union

Fellowship Area: Russia

I. Introduction; II. Arrival and living quarters; III. Changes; IV. Moscow theatre


I. November 7th Celebration (written with Volodya Padunov); II. Rodina; III. Contemporary Soviet Drama

Literary Rank and File

I. “Scarecrow”; II. Private Responses; III. Public Responses

I. The Hanoi; II. Chernenko’s Death and Hopes for Change; III. Evgenii Rein

Land of Fire

“Breaking Through”: Young Writers and Contemporary Literary Problems; Part I: Introduction; Part II: Elena Makarova

I. Anti-Alcohol Measures: Three Months Later; II. The Farmers’ Markets; III. Irina Grekova

“Communists” and “Millionaires” What Do They Think of Us?

Literary Cartoons: Wingless Pegasus and Rider’s Cramp

I. Borderline Theatre: The Southwest; II.Directions of Change in Theatre Today: The Discussion Begins

Liudmila Petrushevskaia How the “Lost People” Live

Getting By (Part One): Apartment-Hunting on Bath Lane

Getting By (Part Two): Colic, Curing the Common Cold, and Mumiya