Fellowship Years: 1983-1991

Fellowship Topic: Human uses of forest resources in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fellowship Area: based in Burkina Faso, Burundi, and Tanzania (Zanzibar); coordinated a series of case studies and organized an international bilingual workshop in Senegal on women and forestry; fellowship work and travel in numerous other African countries; participation in international meetings in Paris, Geneva, and Mexico City

Initial Impressions of Africa

Women Researchers in Africa

West African Landscapes

Why Do People Burn the Bush?

Learning Patience

Women and Cookstoves

A Quick Trip into the Sahel

Glimpses of Bobo Village Life

A “Minor” Forest Product?

“La periode de soudure”

The women of Koundougou

Traditional agroforestry

In pursuit of elusive wildlife

Signs and Symbols of Change

(No Longer) Blowin’ in the Wind

Mobilizing popular tree-planting efforts

Women’s Participation in Forestry Activities in Burkina Faso

Global Perspectives on Women and Forestry

The Women’s Decade: A Bumri Postscript

Peace Corps Language Training

Gorilla Action

Much-Needed Research

Trees for a Song

Involving NGO’s in Tropical Forest Policy

Lamu’ A Glimpse into the Past

Evolving Concerns

Shifting Sands

Taking Chances

Madagascar: Maintaining Diversity

Case Studies of Forestry Activities in Africa

Horticulture in Botswana

Despite Many Voices, African Women Unite

Zimbabwean Women’s Groups

Women’s Tree Nurseries in Northern Cameroon

Women and Cookstoves: An Update

Economic Changes in Guinea

Women’s Participation in Forestry Activities in Africa: Preliminary Findings and Issues Emerging from Case Studies

Preparations for the upcoming United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

The 10th World Forestry Congress