Fellowship Years: 1953-1955

Fellowship Topic: Sub-Sahara Africa

Fellowship Area: Zimbabwe, South Africa

Servants Advice

Art in Southern Rhodesia

Easy Living

Preparation for Federation

Meet the Cunninghams

Confederate Party

Federal Party

Native Hospital

New Native Hospital

Nyasaland Native Riota

Federal Election Preview

Constitutional Crisis

Rhodesian Election Fracas

Election Predictions

Election Results

Apartheid in Higher Education

Apartheid in Native Housing

Native Opposition

Economic Integration

An Example of Economic Integration

Frozen Labor

A Quick Look at The Federation

Rhodesian University

Nationalists vs. The Trade Union

Meet Otto Schwellnus

Economic Integration in Primary Industry

Racial Peace in Swaziland

Zululand Troubles

Malan’s Retirement

The Cape Coloreds, Part I: Development, 16 52-1954

The Cape Coloreds, Part II: Beginnings of Reaction

The Cape Coloreds, Part III: Anti-European Organization

Nationalists Choose a Prime Minister

The United Party’s “New” Native Policy

Concrete Steps Toward Territorial Apartheid

African Trade Union

Pygmies of the Ituri Forest

Belgian Congo Settler

The Captain of the Reine Astrid

Native Labor in the Belgian Congo

The National Liberation Movement vs. Nkrumah