The Peter Bird Martin Fellowship

The Peter Bird Martin Fellowship

We are thrilled to announce that Lucretia Martin, widow of longtime Executive Director Peter Bird Martin, is contributing the lead gift for the establishment of a permanent Peter Bird Martin Fellowship in honor of Peter and his vital contributions to the institute during his quarter-century tenure. 

In addition to Lu’s magnificent gift, the institute has received many other generous donations to the fellowship fund, which now stands at $1.2 million!

The fellowship will be a traditional one, as we think Peter would have liked: open to the study of any topics in any country or region of the world.

Your donation:

Please join us honoring Peter! We’re now in reach of our target of $1.5 million, which would endow the fellowship in perpetuity, with the aim of appointing the inaugural Peter Bird Martin fellow in December 2023, and others every two years thereafter.

Donations of any amount bring us closer to our goal. Please contribute here:

Peter Martin

A former fellow in Africa in the 1950s who went on to a brilliant career as a Time Magazine senior editor and a founding editor of Money Magazine before he took over ICWA’s helm from 1978 to 2007, Peter became a formative influence in the lives of the fellows he mentored, edited, traveled to meet and support during his tenure. Please help us carry on his tradition.

Read more about Peter here.




Major donors


Ms. Lucretia Martin 

Mr. Robert A. Levinson 

Mr. Joseph Battat 

Ms. Sarah R. Werner 

Mr. Edmund Sutton


$5,000 – $10,000


Mr. Steven B. Butler

Mr. Samuel J. Levy


$1,000 – $4,999


Mr. Bryn Barnard

Mr. Anthony R. Dicks

Mrs. Sharon F. Doorasamy

Mrs. Virginia R. Foote

Prof. Alan W. Horton

Prof. Gayl D. Ness

Mr. Herman J. Obermayer

Prof. Paul A. Rahe

Mr. Andrew Rice 

Ms. Catherine Rielly, Ph.D.

Mr. Owen W. Roberts

Mr. David Z. Robinson

Mr. John Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Squire

Mr. Robert Timpson Jr.

Mme. Miranda de Toulouse Lautrec

Mr. Warren Unna

Dr. Paula Williams


$500 to $999


Ms. Carole Beaulieu

Ms. Kimberley A. Conroy

Mr. Philip Glouchevitch

Mr. Gary Hartshorn

Mr. Peter Keller

Mr. Will Knowland

Prof. Cheng Li

Mr. Marc Michaelson

Mrs. Ann Munger

Mr. Nicholas Schmidle

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Stein

Mrs. Elizabeth Sutherland

Mr. Andrew Tabler


Up to $499


Ms. Naoko Aoki, Ph.D.

Prof. Christopher P. Ball

Mr. David Barnard

Mrs. Mary Lynne Bird

Prof. Joseph Bradley

Mr. Alex Brenner

Mr. L. Carl Brown

Dr. Bacete Othwonh Bwogo

Ms. Wendy Call

Prof. Cynthia M. Caron

Mr. Kenneth W. Caron

Ms. Anita Christy

Mr. Kenneth Cline

Prof. Nancy P. Condee

Mr. Christopher T. Cory

Dr. Charles M. Crane

Carol DeBoer-Langworthy

Ms. Kay Dilday

Mr. Robert H.T. Dodson

Mr. Thomas G. Donlan

Dr. Deanna Donovan

Mr. Richard Dudman

Ms. Paige Evans

Ms. Martha Farmelo

Mr. Gregory Feifer

Mr. Charles L. Frankel

Mr. Peter F. Geithner

Mr. Frederic Golden

Mr. Gary L. Hansen

Mrs. Susan L. Hazard

Mrs. Kathaleen Hempstone

Mr. Thomas L. Hughes

Dr. George Jones

Ms. Loretta Schertz Keller

Ms. Leena Khan

Mrs. Ellen Kozak

Mrs. Geraldine S. Kunstadter

Mr. Allan J. Lenzner

Margaret M. MacLeish

Mr. John Major

Mr. Stephen B. Maly

Ms. Julia G. Martin

Ms. Judith Mayer

Mr. John R. McCarthy

Mr. Krishen Mehta

Mr. Norman Miller

Mr. Joel Millman

Ms. Ann Mische

Ms. Randi Movich

Mr. Jean Benoit Nadeau

Ms. Ina L. Navazelskis

Ms. Barbara Novovitch

Mr. and Mrs. Takashi Oka

Mr. Geoffrey Oldham

Mrs. Jeane Olson

Mr. Derek Paton

Mr. Donald W. Perkins

Ms. Mary Pomeroy

Ms. Miriam Poser

Mr. Bowden S. Quinn

Prof. Gregory Rabassa

Mr. Jeffrey Race

Mr. John B. Robinson

Ms. Carol Rose

Dr. Chandler R. Rosenberger

Ms. Katherine Roth Kono

Mr. Buck Scott

Mr. Paddy Sherman

Mr. Donald Snook

Mr. John Sommer

Mr. Irving Spitzberg

Mr. Daniel P. Sullivan

Mr. Charles R. Temple

Mr. Tyrone L. Turner

Mr. John Van de Kamp

Prof. Diederik J. Vandewalle

Dr. Andrew T. Weil

Mr. Matthew Wheeler

Ms. Jill Winder

Mr. Carey Winfrey

Mr. Frederic Withington

Mr. James Workman

Mr. Daniel B. Wright