Stephen Maly (ICWA fellow in Canada, 1989-91) manages special projects for Helena Civic Television in Montana’s capital city. He keeps tabs on U.S.-Canada relations in the West, recently interviewing, for example, a senior Canadian trade commissioner about the likely effects of a re-negotiated NAFTA. In the realm of special projects, on May 1, Maly and his team premiered at the Myrna Loy Center in Helena an hour-long production titled “Far East/Far West: Montana’s Asian Sisters,” a personalized portrayal of the state’s para-diplomatic relationships with Taiwan and Guangxi, China. The program is destined for Montana classrooms. Stephen has also launched an ambitious multi-dimensional multi-media and vastly underfunded educational endeavor called The Global Civics Initiative, one component of which focuses on international peace parks. Glacier-Waterton on the Montana-Alberta border was established in 1932 as the world’s first trans-boundary park. Now there are dozens of established and nascent peace parks on nearly every continent, many in conflict zones. Maly plans a short video expedition in April 2019 to three locations where peace parks are budding: on the Green Line in Cyprus, on the Jordan River, and in the Accursed Mountains conjoining Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro. Please stay tuned!