The Atlantic: Karina Piser on French call to change the Quran

Karina Piser writes for The Atlantic about a French manifesto calling for changes to verses in the Quran that call for the murder and punishment of Jews, Christians and nonbelievers. In Islam, any such changes would be considered blasphemous. “By promoting one vision of those verses, the manifesto makes the same error as terrorists,” she quotes. Karina is a current fellow in France.

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About the Author

Karina Piser’s research will explore measures to promote French secularism in public high schools in immigrant-heavy areas. Beginning in suburbs of Paris, she will interview students, teachers, administrators, and education-policy practitioners to better understand how the government is targeting schools to improve social cohesion in the aftermath of the 2015 and 2016 terrorist attacks. Prior to receiving the ICWA fellowship, Karina was an editor at World Politics Review, and has previously held positions at the Council on Foreign Relations, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights in Tunis, Tunisia. She holds a master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris, and has written for Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, and World Politics Review, among other publications.