The post-Cold War era in Central Europe is coming to an end. Democratic reform, socioeconomic development and Western integration once taken for granted are being replaced by uncertainty amid resurgent nationalism and the rise of illiberal politics that are hollowing out democracy and the rule of law. And how it all plays out will be central to the future of the European Union and the transatlantic alliance.

That’s the argument of Joerg Forbrig and Wojciech Przybylski, the authors of an important new report called Central European Futures. After many discussions with scholars, journalists, civil society members and others, they distill five different scenarios for the region along with recommendations.

Joerg and Wojciech join Greg to discuss their conclusions and the what they mean for Central Europe, the rest of the continent and the transatlantic alliance.

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Director, Fund for Belarus Democracy






Editor-in-Chief, Visegrad/Insight

Chairman, Res Publica Foundation






Executive Director, Institute of Current World Affairs

Journalist, author of Russians: The People Behind the Power



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