The National Post – In their latest op-ed ICWA Trustee Julie Barlow and Past Fellow Jean-Benoît Nadeau explain the growing support for National Front, a right-wing alternative to France’s two mainstream parties, the Socialists and Les Républicains.  They posit that the National Front is gaining support because of its willingness to address issues like immigration, nationalism, and race, which are political taboos in France.  The other political parties fail to address these pressing issues in France, giving the National Front an opportunity to share its own solutions to these problems and the French people are taking notice.  Barlow discussed these same French taboos following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in an ICWA Experts video with Executive Director Edward P. Joseph.  Read more about the National Front and the opportunities available to the other French parties in Barlow and Nadeau’s piece.  Barlow and Nadeau’s next book, The Bonjour Effect, is about French culture and communication and will be released in April 2016.