Welcome to the Alumni Network!

Welcome to the Alumni Network!



Please join the LinkedIn group of the Institute of Current World Affairs Alumni Council.

Our aim is to give ICWA alumni an easy way to connect with each other and the institute, providing a way to learn where fellow alumni are and what they are doing, and a forum for all of us with similar formative fellowship experiences to discuss institute, professional and social matters. It’s part of an effort to promote an intellectual and personal connection between the ICWA and its alumni.

The group will enable you to:

Network and otherwise harness the professional power of ICWA’s alumni, drawing on the leadership and expertise of its alumni in a range of fields.

Provide guidance and support to alumni seeking connections, career advice and professional development.

Easily take part in the ICWA community by providing a way to stay in touch with the institute and former fellows, share your post-fellowship professional and personal activities, and learn from what others are doing.

Stay involved with ICWA, supporting the institute’s mission of providing promising young people with opportunities to develop an in-depth understanding of countries, regions or globally important issues outside the United States, positioning them to become leaders in their fields.