Fellowship Years: 1964-1971

Fellowship Topic: Study and research of the North Atlantic and related areas

Fellowship Area: Northern N. Atlantic, esp. Denmark/Greenland; resided in Denmark 1964-68; visited Svalbard (incl. Spitsbergen), N. Norway, USSR (Murmansk and frontier w/ Norway), and East Greenland.

Plans and Problems

Greenland and the Air Age

Greenland and the Air Age II

Greenland and the Air Age III

Meddelelser om Gronland

Greenland – Hunting–I The Hunting Lists

Greenland- Hunting–ll General Considerations

Greenland- Hunting–lll Sealing and Income

“The Middle North” at Wingspread

The Middle North at Wingspread: More of a Distillate

UNESCO and the Sub-Arctic

the Sub-Arctic-II: A Trip to Lapland

Falcons and Me- I: The Beginning

Greenland Hunting IV: Improvements and a Threat

Greenland- Hunting V: The Fur Auction

Greenland- Hunting VI: The Threat

The Road to Murmansk

Falcons and Me II: A Bit of History

The Summer in a Nutshell I

The Summer in a Nutshell II

The Summer in a Nutshell III

Falcons and Me III: The Hunters: Birds and Men

Falcons and Me IV: To Trap a Hawk

East Greenland 1968

Falcons and Me V: To Train a Hawk

Falcons and Me VI: A-Birding We Will Go