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A noted China scholar, devoted teacher, and a firm believer in the importance of productive Sino-American relations. Following his Fellowship in China, Mr. Barnett served as a public affairs officer at the American Consulate in Hong Kong and then as an associate for the American Universities Field Staff until 1955. He went on to teach and consult at the State Department Foreign Service Institute, Syracuse University, the National Planning Association and the Ford Foundation before becoming a professor of Political Science at Columbia University in 1961. In 1966 he was the principal witness in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee review of China policy, which is credited with influencing Presidents Nixon and Johnson. Mr. Barnett then spent thirteen years as a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, after which he became a Professor of Chinese Studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He is the author or editor of more than 20 books, including China’s Far West: Four Decades of Change, 1994.

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Fellowship Years: 1947 – 1955 Fellowship Area(s): South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China Flight to and First Impressions of India With PT to Delhi, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Madras Bangkok, Siam and Arrival in China Shanghai National Election New Constitution Siyuan Province; Paotow, Kweisui and Kalgan Peiping and Municipal Government