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Attorney, poverty criminal defense cases, Washington, D.C. 1974-86. Deputy Director, INR, Dept. of State, 1963-74; Consultant, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1956-63; Dept. of Defense, Office of the General Counsel, International Affairs, 1953-56; Exec. Office of President, Director for Mutual Security, attorney, 1952-53; Dept. of State, Executive Secretariat, 1950-53.

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Fellowship Years: 1962 – 1963 Fellowship Area(s): USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Burma, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand Outline of Current U.S. China Policy Chinese Studies Compared with Russian Studies in the United States Japan’s China Policy in October 1962: Steering Between Blocs South Korea’s Relations with China: the Wise Ostrich? Formosa: