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Retired in 2016 after 30-year career in financial journalism, most recently as managing editor of BAI Banking Strategies magazine. Has published two books on his experiences as an ICWA Fellow: Tracking the Queen of Sheba and Village on the Nile.

Tracking the Queen of Sheba: A Travel Memoir of Yemen

Past Fellow Kenneth Cline recently published a book related to his ICWA fellowship, titled Tracking the Queen of Sheba: A Travel Memoir of Yemen.  In his book, Cline recounts his journey to Yemen with a group of archaeologists and their mission to discover more about the ancient civilization, Sheba, and its famous queen.  Cline’s book can be

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Fellowship Years: 1983-1985 Fellowship Topic: Peasant life in Egypt and Northern Yemeni Villages Fellowship Area: Egypt, Yemen, and Turkey Two Egyptian vignettes A Village Wedding Cairo: Still in the Third World Local Broadcasting in Upper Egypt Berat Village: An Overview Ramadan in Berat Berat: The Economy Berat: Another Wedding, Meat Fresh Off