Fellowship Years: 1983-1985

Fellowship Topic: Peasant life in Egypt and Northern Yemeni Villages

Fellowship Area: Egypt, Yemen, and Turkey

Two Egyptian vignettes

A Village Wedding

Cairo: Still in the Third World

Local Broadcasting in Upper Egypt

Berat Village: An Overview

Ramadan in Berat

Berat: The Economy

Berat: Another Wedding, Meat Fresh Off The Hoof, and Trying to Buy Beer.

Berat: the Copts

Berat: Odds and Ends.

North Yemen: The Illusion of Development

North Yemen: In the News

Bayt al Rabu’i

North Yemen: Odds and Ends

In the Land of Sheba

Last Visit to Bayt al Rabu’I: Powers of the Sheikh

Visit to Manakha

Waiting on the Government

Visit to the Tihama

On the Frontier: E1 Kharga Oasis

Land Hunger in an Egyptian Village

Coffee and Culture A Stimulating Brew?

Remembrance of Terrible Things Past

The Lost Art of the Anatolian Headdress

Change in Rural Turkey: an Overview

Kayseri Carpets Tradition kept alive.

The Lure of Unearned Income

Turkish Villages: A Changing World View

Turkish Silk: An Ancient Industry Struggles on