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Neri Zilber, a journalist and researcher on Middle East politics and culture, is currently a Visiting Scholar at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 

Neri Zilber: will scandal bring down Netanyahu?

Police Grill Benjamin Netanyahu on Corruption Charges THE DAILY BEAST, Jan. 2, 2017 – Past Fellow and Trustee Neri Zilber explains the seriousness of the investigations facing Israel’s formidable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Will scandal bring down the combative yet durable Netanyahu?

Fatah’s Civil War

Past Fellow Neri Zilber’s latest article in Foreign Affairs, on the incipient civil war inside Fatah.  The piece delves into the possible reasons for why the Palestinian Authority security forces recently killed one of their own — a policeman and former chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in Nablus.

How Israel Plays Syria’s Civil War

THE DAILY BEAST – Former Fellow Neri Zilber’s latest article on Israel and the Syrian civil war focuses on the Golan Heights and how Israel’s force posture, including its relationship with the rebels on the other side of the border, has evolved over the past several years. After half a decade sitting out the civil war, is Israel about

Israel and Hezbollah – A Fragile Peace

Tablet – Past Fellow Neri Zilber delves into the complex reality of life along Israel’s border with Lebanon in his recent article. Along the so-called Blue Line that divides the two countries, the threat of conflict between the Israel Defense Forces and the Shi’a militia group Hezbollah is ever-present. Neri describes how 10 years on from the

Netanyahu’s Coalition Games

Foreign Affairs – Former Fellow Neri Zilber has written a new article on the recent upheaval in Israeli politics, when Labor party chairman Isaac Herzog entered into talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about joining the current government only to have the deal fall apart. According to Zilber, “Herzog has become a laughingstock,

Israel’s Secret Weapon Against Terror

The Daily Beast – In his latest article, past ICWA Fellow Neri Zilber examines an important and often overlooked factor that is contributing to the decline in violence in the West Bank, the work of the Palestinian Authority Security Forces.  The PASF cooperates with the Israel Defense Forces to contain Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has

Hezbollah Claims a ‘Nuclear Option’ in Tense Standoff with Israel

The Daily Beast – In a new article, past ICWA Fellow Neri Zilber delves into the topic of the Israeli-Hezbollah cold war and what the next escalation in Lebanon might look like. Zilber writes, “Like the historic global battle between East and West, this more localized Middle Eastern version sees both Israel and Hezbollah preparing tenaciously