Curt Gabrielson publishes new book

Former fellow Curt Gabrielson (East Timor, Indonesia, USA 2001 – 2002) has published a new book about teaching children science through hands-on activity: More Tinkering: How Kids in the Tropics Learn by Making Stuff. The book follows Gabrielson’s best-seller, Tinkering: Kids Learn by Making Stuff with projects based on his years working with children in East Timor.

“I’ve just learned so much here from the Timorese that I felt others would also be interested,” Curt Gabrielson says in an interview with his publisher. “The idea of an ‘ancient future’ is very real to me now: I can see how important it is to learn from peoples still living traditional lives as we navigate into the unknown of our ultra-high-tech tomorrow. Aside from that, the crackerjack teachers I’ve been working with here have come up with some brilliant ideas for conveying the principles of science and mathematics, so I thought it’d be good to get these ideas out there.”

Curt runs the Watsonville Environmental Science Workshop and works with science education in East Timor. He has been a science educator for more than 20 years, with positions in the California public schools, the National University of East Timor and San Francisco’s Exploratorium Teacher Institute.

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