Ezra Fieser Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2008 – 2010 Fellowship Area(s): Guatemala From Bulls-eye to Backdrop: Santiago Atitlán Eleven Years After Guatemala’s Civil War San Simón and the Evangelicals Democracy or Dictatorship? The Rebirth of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua Mining Controversy: A Mayan Town and a Gold Mine Costa Rica: Booming on the Backs of Nicaraguans

Cecilia Kline Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2009 Fellowship Area(s): Honduras For the Love of the Game, or the Gang? Getting to Know Barras in Honduras Futures “At Risk”: Kids Walking a Thin Line Between Protection and Prison

Raphael Soifer Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2007 – 2009 Fellowship Area(s): Brazil Performing Politics in São Paulo Places of Performance: Images and Ideas from the Hemispheric Institute Encuentro Playing to the Streets in the “City of Walls:” Intersections of Art, ­Resistance and Urban Change – Part One Playing to the Streets in the “City of Walls:”

Andrew J. Tabler Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2005 – 2006 Fellowship Area(s): Lebanon, Syria, Egypt The Gathering Storm Rally ’round the Flag When the Press Gathers in Damascus The Tsunami The Ties That Unwind Op Ed: How to Deal with Syria: Find out who’s in Charge Lebanon’s Twilight Zone Hizbollah: Besides God’s Party, Whose? Blowing off Steam Democracy to the

Alexander J. Brenner Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2003 – 2005 Fellowship Area(s): China Who’s Worrying about SARS, and Why The Feel-Good Gap The Ikea-Man Cometh: Globalization and the Creation of a Chinese Middle Class Take A Number: Peasants, Urbanites and the Greatest Migration Migrants and the Dangers of Namelessness, Part 1 Migrants and the Dangers of Namelessness,

Curt Gabrielson Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2001 – 2002 Fellowship Area(s): East Timor, Indonesia, USA The Youngest Nation Building From the Ground Up: Education in New East Timor An Island Full of Languages First Impressions of the UN in East Timor Cloudy Waters: A Political Primer of East Timor U.S. Responsibility in the West Timor Refugee Crisis A Long and Rocky Road:

Gregory Feifer Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 2000-2002 Fellowship Topic: Politics and Culture Fellowship Area: Russia Russia’s New Millennium Reading Moscow’s Architectural Text Moscow’s New Bolshevism Irkutsk’s Cold Spring Samara’s Hope for Reform Advertising in Moscow Russian Media and Political Turf Wars Otherwise Engaged: Crime and Punishment in Moscow A Dose

Susan L. Sterner Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1998 – 2000 Fellowship Area(s): Brazil Introduction to the Samba “Kitchen Conversations,” Part I Ana & Angelica, Part II Ana & Angelica, Part III “Finding Community” “Neta’s Gringa” “Forro Fever” Recife Reflections “Sacred Walk” Street Mothers Assentamento Vitória: A Hollow Victory? Eating Henrique