Fellowship Years: 1990 – 1992

Fellowship Area(s): Czechoslovakia

Czechoslovakia’s Return to Europe: A Rocky Road

Tanks are Rolling Out, the Stones are Rolling In

The Jews of Prague: a People Endure

Education” Czechoslovakia has a Lot to Learn

George Bush and the Republicans

Out with the Old, in with the Unknown

Generation ’68-’89

For Better or for Worse


Miss Manners, Where are You?

‘It Changed America It will Change Us Too’

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Coup and Cucumber Season

‘The Last Secret in Europe’


Have Diploma, Will Travel?

A Few Thoughts on Women and Men

Women and Men, Part 2” Jobs and Money

Elections ’92: A post-Mortem Guide

Robert Gal: Paradoxes

Robert Gal, Part 2 “Jew Gal”