Diederik J. Vandewalle Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1986 – 1989

Fellowship Area(s): Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Algeria

Egypt’s Development and Mubarak’s Inheritance

Reforming the Subsidy System in Egypt

Guarding Sinai

The Fourth Annual N.D.P. Congress

A Visit to the Zabalin – I

A Visit to the Zabalin – II

The End Of Summer

United States Economic Assistance to Egypt

A Dose of Gossip; A Walk Around Cairo

The Kamshish Affair; City of the Dead

Tunisia at the Crossroads

Across North Africa

“Enforced Accommodation” in Tunisia

The Education of Two Fundamentalists in Tunisia

Preparing for Ramadan

The Association des Etudes Internationales

Politics in Tunisia – Some Recent Events

Morocco – A Quick Glance

Glimpses of Morocco – Part I

Glimpses of Morocco – Part II

Glimpses of Morocco – Part III

Tunisia – An Update

Algeria I

Algeria II

Returning to Tunisia – Part I

Returning to Tunisia – Part II

Algeria III

Algeria IV

Autopsy of a Revolt – The October Riots in Algeria

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part One: Introduction

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part Two: Creating a Kingdom

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part Three: History and Ideology – I

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part Four: History and Ideology

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part Five: Celebrating the Revolution – I

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part Six: Celebrating the Revolution – II

Libya: The Unfinished Revolution, Part Five: Celebrating the Revolution – III

About the Author

Associate professor of government and adjunct associate professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. His research focuses on the economic and political development of oil economies in North Africa and the Middle East, and he is the author of several books on North Africa and Libya. He has lectured widely in academic and policy settings in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, and was political advisor to the United Nations on Libya during the pre-assessment period in Summer 2011. He is currently Senior Advisor on Democratic Transitions for the Carter Center’s mission to Libya, and is currently Field Director of the Carter Center’s mission in Libya.