Gayl D. Ness Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1961-1964

Fellowship Topic: Southeast Asia

Fellowship Area: Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore

Modern Malayan Suburb

Education, Arena of Communal Conflict

The Population of Malaya: Economic and Political Implications

Rural Development I: A view from below

Rural Development II: The Red Book

It’s a Man’s World

A Note on Malaya’s Angry Young Men

The Hong Kong Conference

Malayan “Pearl Harbor”: Reactions to U.S. Surplus Disposal

The Colombo Plan

Greater Malaysia I Communalism and Communism

Greater Malaysia II Borneo’s Primitive, Unwilling Pawns


ASA- The First Asian International

Rural Development? Politics and Organizations

Malayan Budget Debates A View through the Keyhole

Planning for Economic Development in Malaya

Malaya’s First Five Years: Division and Cohesion

The Gentle Sisters of Assunta

The Tourlstization of Southeast Asia

Brunei’s Teapot Rebellion

JCRR and Taiwan’s Agriculture

The Spirit of Indonesia

Aziz Ishak and the Anti-British Spirit

Malayan Rubber” Which way will it bounce?

The Plural Society I: Those Chinese Again

The Plural Society II: Malay Privileges nd Non-Malay Frustrations

The Plural Society III: Theory Revisited

Milton Friedman comes to town

The Month of Malaysia’s Birth

The Peace Corps in Malaysia: Problems and Impact of the Volunteer

A UNESCO Seminar on Leadership

Malaysia and the Jungle: Warfare of International Diplomacy

A&W Root Beer Comes to Town: 12,000 miles and I never left home

Sabah and Sarawak: Mild Indigestion in Malaysia

Elections in Malaysia: Of Victory and Defeat

South Vietnam: A Competition of Self-fulfilling Prophesies

Cambodia: Of Angkor and Rancor

Thailand’s Northeast Region: In the Margins of Poverty and Chaos

About the Author

Professor Emeritus of Michigan University, an International Advisory Committee member of AUICK, he has worked for an NGO, International Union for Conservation and Natural Resources (IUCN), has had broad experience in Asian countries for years and is an expert in the field of environmental study.