Fellowship Years: 1961-1964

Fellowship Topic: Southeast Asia

Fellowship Area: Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore

Modern Malayan Suburb

Education, Arena of Communal Conflict

The Population of Malaya: Economic and Political Implications

Rural Development I: A view from below

Rural Development II: The Red Book

It’s a Man’s World

A Note on Malaya’s Angry Young Men

The Hong Kong Conference

Malayan “Pearl Harbor”: Reactions to U.S. Surplus Disposal

The Colombo Plan

Greater Malaysia I Communalism and Communism

Greater Malaysia II Borneo’s Primitive, Unwilling Pawns


ASA- The First Asian International

Rural Development? Politics and Organizations

Malayan Budget Debates A View through the Keyhole

Planning for Economic Development in Malaya

Malaya’s First Five Years: Division and Cohesion

The Gentle Sisters of Assunta

The Tourlstization of Southeast Asia

Brunei’s Teapot Rebellion

JCRR and Taiwan’s Agriculture

The Spirit of Indonesia

Aziz Ishak and the Anti-British Spirit

Malayan Rubber” Which way will it bounce?

The Plural Society I: Those Chinese Again

The Plural Society II: Malay Privileges nd Non-Malay Frustrations

The Plural Society III: Theory Revisited

Milton Friedman comes to town

The Month of Malaysia’s Birth

The Peace Corps in Malaysia: Problems and Impact of the Volunteer

A UNESCO Seminar on Leadership

Malaysia and the Jungle: Warfare of International Diplomacy

A&W Root Beer Comes to Town: 12,000 miles and I never left home

Sabah and Sarawak: Mild Indigestion in Malaysia

Elections in Malaysia: Of Victory and Defeat

South Vietnam: A Competition of Self-fulfilling Prophesies

Cambodia: Of Angkor and Rancor

Thailand’s Northeast Region: In the Margins of Poverty and Chaos