Carole Beaulieu Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1992 – 1994 Fellowship Area(s): Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Language Where do these people come from? Good Morning Saigon Hanoi Inc. or a “mutating kind of communism” Swim or sink Learning about the flee-market Vietnamese style Into the Boat Country -1 – The obsession of rice Into the Boat Country -2 Raising fish and beating the […]

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Gayl D. Ness Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1961-1964 Fellowship Topic: Southeast Asia Fellowship Area: Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore Modern Malayan Suburb Education, Arena of Communal Conflict The Population of Malaya: Economic and Political Implications Rural Development I: A view from below Rural Development II: The Red Book It’s a Man’s World A Note on Malaya’s Angry […]

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Warren Unna Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1958-1959 Fellowship Topic: Arguments for Neutrality and Non-Alignment Fellowship Area: Israel, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Finland, Denmark, Ireland The Fiftieth State Neutral Shades Around the Rising Sun Pimple on China’s Underbelly Pirates, Prostitutes and All That Son […]

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