Josh and I take the boat to Bahía Falsa just outside of La Paz to scrape the underwater jungle off of the hull.

Most likely the hull will never get this overgrown again during our trip. La Paz has a reputation for growing forests on boat hulls, plus sailing keeps it cleaner. Perhaps El Niño is responsible for some of the growth with its extra warm waters!

It took us two days to complete this job. We started the afternoon of one day and we were too tired to finish it, so we got back in the next day. Free diving is incredibly fun and exhausting, both physically and mentally. It probably took us 3 to 5 hours.

Whenever we can, we get in the water to give the hull a scrub, but once a month should be about enough. Usually, people hire divers to do this, but we both enjoy it, we like to save money, and I feel bad getting divers to dive in the marina water, it’s just too contaminated with human waste and oil for submersion.