Irving J. Spitzberg Jr. Newsletters

Fellowship Years: 1971-1974

Fellowship Topic: Educational Policy: U.S. Europe and Africa

Fellowship Area: Kenya, England, Israel, United States

Promises and Problems: An American Fortnight in Education

Promises and Problems: An American Fortnight in Education (Part II)

The Program in Public Policy Studies: Foundation Year (Part I)

The Program in Public Policy Studies: The Foundation Year (Part II)

Conceptions of Education

Concepts of Education and Public Policy

The University Grants Committee I: An Introduction

Schools in Denmark: Conversations: About Education and Pornography with the Third Real

Notes on Pornography in Denmark

A National University Grants Foundation: The Federal Role in American Higher Education

The Schools Council I: An Introduction

The Schools Council II: Teachers’ Centers

The U.S. Office of Education’s “Renewal Sites”: Strategy and the British Experience of Curriculum Reform

UGC II: The UGC and-University Expansion in Cardiff

UGC III: The Welsh Office Says No to Cardiff

Inspecting the Inspectorate 1: A Critical Look at Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools in England and Wales

Inspecting the Inspectorate 2- On the Road with the HMIS

Inspecting the Inspectorate 3: The Eyes and Ears of the Secretary

Inspecting the Inspectorate 4: Local Inspectors

Inspecting the Inspectorate 5: Problems and Prospects

Inspecting the Inspectorate 6: Problems and Prospects Continued

Inspecting the Inspectorate 7: An Ideal Educational Consultancy Service

Inspecting the Inspectorate 8: Professional Judgment in a Democratic State

Education in Israel I: A Bureaucratic Anachronism in a Decentralized Society

Education in Israel II: The Children Who Need Nurture

Education in Israel III: Teachers and Teaching

Education in Israel IV: Intellectuals, Planning and the Politics of Education

Education in Israel V: Arab Education and Some Concluding Remarks

The Open Classroom

The Open University: A Critique

The Participatory Politics of Curriculum Reform

A Learning Foundation

Notes on Enlightenment and Transnational Cooperation I: The Issues

Notes on Enlightenment and Transnational Cooperation II: CERN

Notes on Enlightenment and Transnational Cooperation III: The Nordic Cultural

Notes on Enlightenment and Transnational Cooperation IV: Some Conclusions

Kenya Notebook” Some First Impressions

The Counterpart System: Expatriates and the Failure of Skill Transfer in Kenya

The Kenya National Extension Centre

American Foreign Policy and Education

Vouchers at Alum Rock: Promise but Not Panacea

The Finale: Some of Current World Comments on the Institute Affairs

About the Author

Professor at Brown, the Claremont Colleges, and SUNY/Buffalo and Dean of the Colleges at SUNY/Buffalo. General Secretary of the American Association of University Professors. Founder of the Council for LIberal Learning of the Association of American Colleges. President of The Knowledge Company. Immigration lawyer and higher education policy consultant. Helped to create a land-use planning advocacy organization to protect the beautiful countryside in Northern Baltimore County, the largest concentration of agricultural land in the Mid-Atlantic.