Fellowship Years: 1998-2000

Fellowship Topic: France and Globalization

Fellowship Area: France

Something Has Changed

Suspicious Move

An Infidel at the Mosque

The World is their Terroir

Dirty Business

La Francophonie: Is it Franco-Phoney?

Why the French Resist Globalization: Setting the Terms

Of Bones, Caves and History

The Many Faces of France

War Time Memories Part I: The Persecution of Jews

War Time Memories Part II: Collaboration and Resistance

Internet, Minitel and the Advent of the Hot Air Balloon

Hiking, Part I: In the Land of the French

Hiking, Part II: Heart of Whiteness

Gwadloup, Depatman Fwansé Amewik

Dogs, Towns and Local Government

A Certain Idea of France

What the French do When they Have Nothing to do

How Grande is your École

How to Read the French Press

France: Then and Now