Jessica Reilly: Climate Change and Adaptation 2015-2017

Jessica Reilly: Climate Change and Adaptation 2015-2017

In a first for ICWA, Jessica Reilly and her partner Josh Moman are conducting a seafaring Fellowship, exploring adaption to climate change in coastal communities in México, Central America and the Caribbean. Sailing the Pacic coast through the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean on her 39-foot sailboat Oleada, Jessica will focus on how communities experience climate change impacts.


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  • Hidden battles in the fight against Zika

    • Jessica Reilly
    • July 17, 2017
    PANAMA CITY—I stare at my doctor in disbelief. He’s supposed to provide the best prenatal care in all of Panama. And he’s telling me, at eleven weeks pregnant during my first prenatal appointment, that I don’t need a blood test for the Zika virus. I’ve traveled here from a remote community in Bocas del Toro, Panama—an ...
  • Panama Canal, Part II: Waiting for Disaster

    • Jessica Reilly
    • July 5, 2017
    PANAMA CANAL—Our boat floats 85 feet above the Caribbean Sea. Waiting at the top of the Panama Canal locks on the Atlantic side, we stare from Gatun Lake down three steep chambers directly to a new ocean. Neither Oleada nor I have sailed this sea. Here, the notorious Caribbean trade winds whip clear water into short, ...


  • Jessica Reilly: Live from the Panama Canal

    Sailing Fellow Jessica Reilly and her husband Josh Moman will be passing through the Panama Canal this morning on their sailboat, the Oleada.  Follow her live through the canal cameras! Miraflores High Resolution Camera: Gatun Locks Camera:  
  • What Can a National Park Do?

    “Mexico has many good laws.” Professor Martín Soto leans back from behind a clump of papers on his desk and sighs. “It’s the enforcement that lacks.” I’m sitting in Martin’s office on the second story of the Marine Science and Limnology Institute in Mazatlán, Mexico. The building hangs on the edge of a cliff above the ...